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After a week of sand testing with new motors from Japan Gautier Paulin took a double win for HRC at Valkenswaard with Evgernyx Bobryshev fourth, but it is Max Nagl who leads the world after going 2-2. Clement Desalle got a podium on his bogey track, but Toni Cairoli has lost contact to the world leaders after being one of the big crashers in the opening moto and only managing 7th in race two at a track where he has won for five straight years. No problem in MX2 for Jeffrey Herlings as he made it six out of six at the Eurocircuit.

... from the Valkenswaard GP paddock | 26.04.2015

Steven Clarke is a non-starter in the second EMX2 moto at Valkenswaard this dinnertime after all four Apico Husqvarna team bikes of the defending champion and teammate Marcus Nilsen were stolen from the Dutch paddock last night. "That's the title gone," declared an exasperated Clarkey as the team started to pack up for the trip home. "I can't even borrow a bike if I could find one, and all we've got left at home are our practice bikes.


Adam Sterry, the one bright light in Steve Turner's camp so far this year, added a twinkle to the Lancashire team owner's eyes when he swept into the lead of the European MX2 series with a runaway victory in the opening moto at Valkenswaard thius evening. Arco double winner Maxime Desprey baled out after giving chase, but will still boast the red plate tomorrow as that can only change hands at the end of the weekend. But the chances are high that Sterry will bolt the red plate to the Wilvo Forkrent KTM at Talavera in a fortnight. By 12.30pm tomorrow we'll know :D

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