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ROAD TO RECOVERY | 15.08.2014

Back in January whilst preparing for the coming season in Spain Marko Kovalainen was hit in the back by his own bike, shattering his spine and left side and suffering a collapsed lung. The spinal damage was so great that he will remain paralysed but after 12 days in artificial coma and a further month in a special unit, he could be transported back to Finland for ongoing treatment and is now out and about: "Nearly 7 months after my accident I'm finally healthy enough to do some exercise. It just felt so good pump up heart rate a bit. It's still a long road to go but I can see little light at the end of a long tunnel ..." Stay strong, Marko

LOVELY LOMMEL | 04.08.2014

Lommel snaps with Frossard, Bengtsson, Simpson, Paulin, Van Horebeek, Nagl, De Dycker, Anstie, Tonkov, Jonass, Butron, Febvre, Ferrandis, Karro, Pocock, Bakens, Klingsheim, Potisek, Lomnka, Olsen, Jasikonis, Clarke, Sterry, Klein Kromhof, Watson, Bogers, Van Doninck, Kouwenberg, Van der Vlist, Zaragoza and Jaulin in the Gallery @

THE BOY DONE GOOD ! | 03.08.2014

Steven Clarke is the 2014 EMX2 champ after a nerve-tingling decider in which the boy from the Black Country saw out Brian Bogers on the most wins tie-break with a second guty ride through the pack to 6th: "I said before the first round that consistency would win it, and this weekend fitness played a role too. I didn't know I'd won til I saw dad doing cartwheels down the track at the finish. I had Ben Watson on my rear wheel all round the last lap; all I knew was that I needed every point I could get."

MAX WINS AT LAST | 03.08.2014

After a season of appalling mechanical misfortune Max Anstie has finally won his first GP at Lommel. He repeated his runaway win from Saturday qualification in the first moto, and second to Jordi Tixier in race two clinched the overall honours for Mighty Max and Steve Dixon's BikeIt Cosworth Yamaha team. Jeffrey Herlings was watching as the Frenchman's 3-1 day has narrowed the gap on series leader to 57 points with two GPs remaining.

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