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300s AXED | 07.07.2016

Something had to go in the crowded GP weekend schedule ... and almost unnoticed the European 300 series has been axed in 2017. Two stroke fans will be particularly saddened as the move leaves only the 125s and as couple of girls on smokers through the season, while the pathetic Honda 150 series continues unabated. But money talks, and, with Honda paying up front and all classes over-subscribed, the series with the least political clout has had to go. While the 300s get scrapped, EMX250 has ten rounds, the 125s nine, the girls seven and the wretched little Hondas six.

EMX 300
From 2017 the EMX300 2 Stroke Championship will not be combined with the MXGP/MX2 events. Therefore applications are invited from Federations to organise rounds of this growing championship. The EMX 300 Championship can be combined with EMX 65/85 zone rounds or with EMX Quad events or even as stand-alone rounds combined with national championships.
Applications should be sent to the FIM Europe Secretariat before the end of July.

Fat chance of anybody contesting such a series !

2017 | 05.07.2016

There'll be some change for sure, but 2017 will see the world series end in Europe as Charlotte, or wherever (tba), is pulled forward to round 17 .... of 19 ! One more ? probably not, expect something to fall flat and the 19th round is in effect a reserve date (tba). Indonesia for Thailand :( is the only overseas change and moaning team owners will be rubbing their hands at only five overseas, Uddevalla is back, Germany is tba and Matterley Basin is on June 3/4. No WMX in Qatar as they start off in Thailand where the girls can sweat their .... whatever girls sweat ;-)


Mantova may have marked the end of Ben Townley's GP career. The Kiwi fell during further testing work at Mantova in Italy on Tuesday and was hospitalised on his return to Hasselt, Belgium with damage to his intestines that required scans, checks and close observation; the projected recovery time means that it is extremely unlikely that the former world champion will race his RM-Z450 again this season. Suzuki World are searching for a replacement for the final six GPs.


The Dylan Ferrandis-Jeffrey Herlings feud exploded to new proportions in the second MX2 moto at St Jean D'Angely today as the Frenchman blatantly took out the Dutchman as they left the gate, almost taking him into the pit box wall in the end before thinking about his own race. In doing so Ferrandis surrendered the holeshot to Max Anstie and Jeremy Seewer, but by the time the pack headed uphill from turn one Ferrandis was out of contention for the second time in a day - he had run into the back of Herlings halfway down the straight in race one - and Herlings, though outside the top 20, was on his way to yet another double win, scorching through the pack to take the lead from Anstie within just a few laps. Scroll down to see the photo sequence !

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