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THE ONLY OPTION | 25.11.2015

Jeffrey Herlings just confirmed that he will remain in MX2 one more year, but what did anyone expect ? The simply fact is that the decision had nothing to do with "sandbagging" as so many keyboard warriors claim to "know"; the Dutch youngster is coming off two seasons of horrific injuries - shattered thigh in 2014, plated collarbone, almost severed thumb and wrecked hip joint last summer - and needs another year on 250F to rebuild his body. 450Fs are not a toy at MXGP level - just ask the 17, yes 17 top line racers who signed up for MXGP last winter and didn't see out the year ! MX2 was the only medical option, so let's just savour the prospect of the Bullit and Max Anstie going head-to-head in a level playing field, with Dylan Ferrandis in the mix too ! Roll on Qatar !


It was all happening at Lille. James Stewart twisted an ankle and still hasn't finished a Main with corners since he got his licence back, brother Malcolm won semis on a 250 but couldn't stay on two wheels in the Mains, gritty Weston Peick earnt the crown, and CP377 was hot and cold as a coin-operated shower to go from almost DNQ to an inspired Superpole and a cool second day win, but it was Shaun Simpson's show which was an eye-opener !

Max Anstie already signed with IceOne for 2017/18
 | 12.11.2015

Husqvarna go for MAX of both world titles in 2016 with MAX Nagl again leading the IceOne MXGP squad, and MAX Anstie now confirmed for his final year in MX2 with Jacky Martens' squad before stepping up to MXGP with a two year contract at IceOne already in his pocket ! And Conrad Mewse has been signed for EMX2 !

FULL HOUSE | 27.09.2015

Already a full house on Saturday at Ernee to see the Frenchies clean up. It's pot luck to even get a line on the cellphone with 20,000 logged in to one mast, and even the wifi is iffy with 250 wannabee jerks tossing 'emself off with a press pass, but here's a Saturday gallery to keep the folks at home entertained. Click Now, don't you wish you were here, even if all that's left for Shaun and Deano is individual glory.

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