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UPDATE: OUT of Matterley and Mantova ! | 18.06.2016

"Romain is ok," stated Yamaha Europe off-road manager Alberto Barozzi. "He was knocked out, but there is nothing broken. He touched the front wheels with Ben Townley before the uphill jump." Reigning world champion Romain Febvre had crashed as he fought through the field from a bad start in MXGP qualfication at Matterley and lay in the track, immediately protected by waved yellow flags, until the end of the race. Barozzi's statement ended fears of a fracture, but it is not clear if the Frenchman will be able to contest tomorrow's GP at Matterley Basin. Townley showed admirable sportsmanship to return to the scene immediately after the race to check if Febvre was OK in the ambulance. Series leader Tim Gajser ran away with the race.
UPDATE SUNDAY: Febvre: "I'm disappointed to leave early, but the crash on Saturday was serious and it is the best decision for my own well-being to withdraw from Matterley Basin. With a head injury it is very important to rest and recover and take no action that could cause another shock, so I will recover at home and wait for more medical tests to determine when I can continue training and racing."

JOBSWORTHS ! | 18.06.2016

The soulless world of Jobsworth beauraucrats ! Flagmen at Matterley this weekend have been ordered to wear white builder's helmets and goggles ! And no, for once a stupid meddling idea to justify their sad existence is not from the cretinous UK H&S brigade ! Steve Dixon: "It's come from the FIM as a try-out for every GP next year." And, while the workers are being pissed about, what do the FIM officials wear ? Cloth caps with a neat logo and headphones, the latter a clear hindrance to their awareness as they couldn't even hear a 450F with a stuck throttle hurtling towards them ! Welcome to the 21st century !


The Dylan Ferrandis-Jeffrey Herlings feud exploded to new proportions in the second MX2 moto at St Jean D'Angely today as the Frenchman blatantly took out the Dutchman as they left the gate, almost taking him into the pit box wall in the end before thinking about his own race. In doing so Ferrandis surrendered the holeshot to Max Anstie and Jeremy Seewer, but by the time the pack headed uphill from turn one Ferrandis was out of contention for the second time in a day - he had run into the back of Herlings halfway down the straight in race one - and Herlings, though outside the top 20, was on his way to yet another double win, scorching through the pack to take the lead from Anstie within just a few laps. Scroll down to see the photo sequence !

RULE BRITTANIA | 29.05.2016

The rain has stopped and the sun came out to greet UK victory in Spain as Brad Anderson ruled the Euro 300 waves this morning on Bob Buchanan's GL12 Yam. The Geordie icon had relinquished the win in the first moto in Saturday - "I got armpump; we lightened the clutch today" - but cleared off to win the second moto this morning for a 2-1 overall victory. At the halfway stage of the series Ando is third on points as he recovers from a Valkenswaard DNF. Matt Moffat was fifth overall.

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