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TEA & BISCUITS | 09.10.2015

Mail of the week from the FIM was to announce that Vito Ippolito and his buddies just had their first board meeting in the new FIM HQ, the boss declaring that it had been well worth spending mega bucks of your licence fees because "the efficient concept of the new building will help the staff to work more effectively and enable the FIM to make substantial savings. It also offers the possibility of hosting meetings with all the FIM stakeholders." Architect Antoine Robert-Grandpierre - wonder how much hew coined ? - reckoned "the idea was to design a pleasant and appropriate working environment to promote interaction and communication with openness, with clear views to the outside world. The circular building, imposing in terms of its general form, includes a continuous and open façade. This concept is also followed through inside, with the central spiral staircase at the heart of the building benefiting from an abundance of natural light that reflects an extended notion of the hallway where people can exchange ideas. From the inside of the building the concept is clearly one of transparency, but still with some level of privacy. The final part of the concept was to have this building sit in a park. The resulting trees and grass will give a green feeling around the building by next spring." Circular buildings always were space effective of course, wasting 21% externally, not to mention the "courtyard" wastage in the middle ... but if that, multiplied by horrendously high ground costs in Geneva, lets staff natter in the corridor, it's obviously worth it. I wonder when they'll be calling in Greg Atkins to make better use of the surrounding land than planting some poxy trees ? :P

2:1 in favour of DUMBASS DECISIONS | 08.10.2015

The MX GP Commission - that's GL, Skilly and some Japanese bloke - hung around for a day after the Nations to deliver two doses of crap and one long overdue amendment. First the good news. Riders can switch to their second bike AFTER the sighting lap in future; both are in the pre-parc and the updated ruling will not only cover a defect, like the one which cost Livi Lancelot the WMX title, but also enable the lads to have a look at the track on a muddy day without crapping up their race bike. As to the other two changes, just shake your heads, lads.


France's Three Musketeers - Romain Febvre, Gautier Paulin and Marvin Musquin - did it and defended their Nations title on home turf at Ernee ... but they only did it by the skin of their teeth. The USA led all day in dramatic fashion, but disastrous starts in the decider left Justin Barcia and Cooper Webb 11th & 14th while Febvre soon took the lead and Paulin kerpt his end up in the top six. Bam Bam got through to third, but it was France by two.

FULL HOUSE | 27.09.2015

Already a full house on Saturday at Ernee to see the Frenchies clean up. It's pot luck to even get a line on the cellphone with 20,000 logged in to one mast, and even the wifi is iffy with 250 wannabee jerks tossing 'emself off with a press pass, but here's a Saturday gallery to keep the folks at home entertained. Click Now, don't you wish you were here, even if all that's left for Shaun and Deano is individual glory.

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