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for two-strokes ! | 10.12.2016

Bravo Denmark ! The home of bacon butties has done it again ! As of 2017 250cc two-strokes will be able to compete on EQUAL terms with all those poxy four-strokes in MX2 at all grades of competition up to and including the national championship. In the past Denmark has set a precedent for 2-strokes as one of the first countries to re-introduce the 125cc 2-stroke class as a stepping-stone class long before the FIM put down their wine glasses and actually did something useful for the sport. Lobby your local organisers/delegates/federations, tell them that someone has the balls to act decisively and get those smokers back on the line on EQUAL terms in competition from club level to national titles and hopefully in the end to MX2-GP. Win that war and who knows .. CR500s in MXGP ?

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