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HOT PROSPECT | 04.08.2016

Scott have released their new Prospect goggles; the new range features a host of new innovations with no compromise on quality. The first claim of the Swiss-based firm is the largest field of vision on the market and a new four pin locking system, together with a 25% increase in lens thickness to improve stiffness and combat situations when lenses can pop out. Comfort is also high on the agenda with the use of thermofoam to absorb sweat while as softer material is used on the nose. Scroll down to learn more.

The Prospect can be used with tear-offs, secured by a new four pin system to ensure a good seal, but the ever-growing ecological concern in many countries means that the main emphasis is on the innovative WFS roll-off system; offering 50 clear views and a massive 50mm film depth to match the increased field of vision, the canisters are placed behind the strap for increased protection.

The Prospect will market at 99 Euros with another 10 for the WFS.

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