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SO CLOSE | 02.05.2016

With a perfect six GPs and 12 motos already secure Jeffrey Herlings is already being touted as the 2016 MX2 world champion, but the Dutch youngster himself is more held back on the theme: "There's still a long way to go; I already lost two world titles and anything can happen. A start crash for example and it could be all over." And at Kegums he was soooo close .... TWICE ! A shunt from Dylan Ferrandis nearly cost him in race two, but the Bullit kept it pinned to even save the holeshot. And race one was potentially even more disastrous: "I suddenly got wheelspin and was close to turning through 180 degrees." The cat-like Herlings saved it ... but it was this close !

Author: Alex Hodgkinson
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