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The 2017 edition of the Veteran MXdN at Farleigh Castle on 14-15-16 September will be sponsored by BELL Helmets. Founded 1954 in California USA, Bell have produced some of the world's most iconic helmet designs and recently reintroduced one of it's most popular designs, the Bell moto 3. Kinger wass over the moon: "Having an iconic world wide brand such as Bell Helmets as our main sponsor is great news both for Bell Helmets and the VMXdN and we look forward to working together for many years." Entries will open online on the 1st of February 2017 at

20 GPs in 2017 | 15.10.2016
20 GPs in 2017

Wholesale upgrades, and an increase not just from 18 to 19 but to 20 GPs in 2017, are the latest developments on the GP calendar which hopefully is now set in concrete. Certainly was busy as hell yesterday as teams rushed to save rooms for next year. Uddevalla was already back on the Provisional list in June, but Russia and Portugal are added and there no less than NINE date changes ! Charlotte is confirmed, but is on the list to race Sunday and the Matterley Nations is now confirmed for September 30/October 1. WMX venues have also been changed, and no news yet on who now races where in the Euros. Full list, with amendments in heavy type, at "More"

TIMBO OUT OF VEGAS | 10.10.2016

Tim Gajser is out of the Monster Cup in Vegas after a couple of crashes in race two at the SMX Cup aggravated the injuries which kept him out of the Nations; after keeping it under wraps for nearly three weeks Honda has finally admitted that the Slovenian cracked his right collarbone whilst testing the 2017 CRF450 on the Wednesday before Maggiora. It has now been admitted that his injuries were worse than initially revealed, the MXGP world champion having sustained "heavy bruising and swelling to his right hip and shoulder, but also suffering a small crack in his right collarbone" last month.

HOT PROSPECT | 04.08.2016

Scott have released their new Prospect goggles; the new range features a host of new innovations with no compromise on quality. The first claim of the Swiss-based firm is the largest field of vision on the market and a new four pin locking system, together with a 25% increase in lens thickness to improve stiffness and combat situations when lenses can pop out. Comfort is also high on the agenda with the use of thermofoam to absorb sweat while as softer material is used on the nose. Scroll down to learn more.


The Dylan Ferrandis-Jeffrey Herlings feud exploded to new proportions in the second MX2 moto at St Jean D'Angely today as the Frenchman blatantly took out the Dutchman as they left the gate, almost taking him into the pit box wall in the end before thinking about his own race. In doing so Ferrandis surrendered the holeshot to Max Anstie and Jeremy Seewer, but by the time the pack headed uphill from turn one Ferrandis was out of contention for the second time in a day - he had run into the back of Herlings halfway down the straight in race one - and Herlings, though outside the top 20, was on his way to yet another double win, scorching through the pack to take the lead from Anstie within just a few laps. Scroll down to see the photo sequence !

JORGES GARDENS | 27.05.2016

It's all part of the job in MXGP for the riders to head into town on Friday afternoon for a "meet 'n' greet" with the local dignitaries plus an autograph session for the local kids. The Talavera show was the city centre Jardines del Prado, so who better to claim lead billing than KTM junior Jorge Prado ? The teams are ready for action over the weekend, and the long range forecast of rain will hopefully be just a few drops on Saturday on the elevated Spanish plain.

SO CLOSE | 02.05.2016

With a perfect six GPs and 12 motos already secure Jeffrey Herlings is already being touted as the 2016 MX2 world champion, but the Dutch youngster himself is more held back on the theme: "There's still a long way to go; I already lost two world titles and anything can happen. A start crash for example and it could be all over." And at Kegums he was soooo close .... TWICE ! A shunt from Dylan Ferrandis nearly cost him in race two, but the Bullit kept it pinned to even save the holeshot. And race one was potentially even more disastrous: "I suddenly got wheelspin and was close to turning through 180 degrees." The cat-like Herlings saved it ... but it was this close !


Overseas GPs relish the Friday presentations in the same way a bit of colour was the norm half a century back in Europe. The Leon showground was in the shadow of the Calzada de los Heroes, situated at the end of a tree-lined boulevard with water fountains at its feet and erected 123 years ago to celebrate the heroes of the revolution. There was refreshing turnout of modern day heroes, and we couldn't resist a snap of the Anstie family to celebrate the occasion.


Riders were quite literally chilling out in Patagonia today with temperatures below zero at sunrise and a distinct freshness in the air even with beautiful blue skies at the Estancia La Escondida, 2000 metres up in the foothills of the Andes. A grill, local beverages, even Cornish pasties and a boat trip were on the agenda before the serious stuff starts tomorrow at Villa La Angostura on what is undoutedly the most exhilerating track in the series from the pen of Greg Atkins, not to mention the most exhuberant crowd as tens of thousands flock from all over South America to this glorious venue where the winter ski season will begin in just a few short weeks. Save the pennies to relish the show in 2017 because the Patagonian GP is here to stay.

 | 04.03.2016

Thais are one of the most welcoming peoples on this earth and the transfer of the 2016 GP to the farming community of Suphan Buri brought out the hospitality at its best. Local villages each took pride in showing off their delicacies, the local band gave us a tune, the kids were welcomed into the community in traditional dress and riding stock horses, even the local Hells Angels paraded for the welcome. Tomorrow to the serious business - in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees F. Scroll down for more photos.

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