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The MXGP overseas tour is over and the first GP in Europe awaits us this weekend at Arco di Trento in northern Italy. The action so far has been fast and furious in both classes, and Arco will see EMX2 and 125 strokers added to the fun in a series which has grabbed worldwide interest to see the confrontation of Toni Cairoli and Ryan Villopoto, not to mention Clement Desalle, the man who heads them all after three rounds, and Max Nagl, winner of the two of the first three GPs. Few of you can get to every round, but livestream means you need not miss any of the action, and MXGP-TV is offering a 20% discount on the annual fee to join now. If you don't already have a subscription, you can sign up by entering the page by clicking the banner at the head of this page. Enjoy !

HAPPY FOLKS | 01.04.2015

The overwhelming enthusiasm amongst the Argentine fans at Villa La Angostura over the weekend was genuinely refreshing. Thousands of happy-go-lucky locals flocked the terraces around the magnificent new track to enjoy every second of the action and extend a genuine hearty welcome to the visitors to their magnificent country. Friendliness is spelt with a capital F in South America, a world which, as I explained to Shaun, has retained the reality of life back in the day when dad Wullie was top Jock. The fans were capturing their own memories of the weekend MXGP arrived in Patagonia on their smartphones, and the visitors were unanimous: "Roll on 2016 when we get to come back for the best race of the year". Anyone still wanna know why MXGP has to go overseas ?

ARGENTINE BAR-B-Q | 27.03.2015

The GP travellers get down to the serious stuff over the weekend as the fabulous circuit at Villa La Angostura hosts the third round of the MXGP world series, but Friday was a day for chilling out after the 30 hour trip from Europe and the locals organised a typical Argentine barbecue with local delicacies and a lamb roasted over the spit. The GP is already an oustanding success with pre-event ticket sales approaching 10,000, campers and bikers with tents rolling up the valley and not a bed to be found within 50 miles. Head of the organising committee is the local mayor, an ex-Argentine Prime Minister.


The 21015 season has not been kind to Steve Dixon's Kawasaki team. Max Anstie is still out of action after lacerating his foot on the footrest of the fallen Valentin Guillod in Qatar, and Mel Pocock has now also been the innocent victim of another rider's crash during the Maxxis opener at Milton Park. Mel was committed to the corner when another rider crashed in his path and he has suffered severe lacerations to the arm badly and lost the top of his right thumb at the knuckle, probably when his arm went into the rear sprocket.

RV2's NEW WEAPON | 27.02.2015

KRT rolled out Ryan Villopoto's new GP weapon for ther first time today in Qatar as the 10 times AMA champion prepares to take on the world. The KRT KX450F-SR has been meticulously prepared, even the metallic parts polished up for the most eagerly awaited GP debut of all-time. No word of course on any technical secrets, but already in 2014 KRT had used screw-in fuel caps on the CRM carbon fibre tank to avoid the danger of it being knocked off by an errant knee and technical support from Showa with sff air forks and a PC pipe.

CLASH OF THE TITANS | 24.02.2015

Just three days from now the two giants of the modern game will take to the track together for this first time other than in the Motocross des Nations in what is truly the "Clash of the Titans". Others such as Jeremy Van Horebeek, Clement Desalle, Gautier Paulin, Max Nagl, Tommy Searle, Shaun Simpson may still grab the limelight in 2015, but the hype is all about the confrontation in MXGP of eight times world champion Toni Cairoli and ten times AMA champion Ryan Villopoto. Each has an astounding career and has won more than half of their starts in championship racing through the last five years. Scroll down the page to get the bare facts as TC#222 and RV2 head for the opening GP in Qatar, the first of 18 pulsating rounds between now and September. Time to get excited ... even before we head for Thailand on Sunday :D


Just a fortnight to go and the bikes will go to the start for the opening GP of the year in Qatar. And Britain must be hoping, amongst other things, that Max Anstie can once again produce the outrageous speed he showed under the Losail lights last year ... though of course with the appropriate rewards this time ! And the more often Mighty Max hits the podium, the more often his fellow actors will raise a smile as the boy with the gift of the gab goes for it 24 to the dozen doing a Max Bygraves giving us his story. And the added bonus is that his fellow podium candidates are inspired to raise a smile too ... rather than looking down their nose to study their naval :D Scroll down to see how Jeffrey Herlings and Glenn Coldenhoff responded when Max brought a breath of fresh air to the post-race show in Thailand last year :D


David Philippaerts showed in Sardinia that he is far from finished as he swept past both Toni Cairoli and Gautier Paulin to lead the MX1 race until his silencer broke off. And the senior citizen of the GP world has a message of his own for those supposed stars who will go to any length to cheat; the tank shrouds of his YZ450F carry the message: "Say No to drugs; say Yes to life". Let's all wish the amiable and energetic Italian a superb season !

TOMMY GUNS 'EM DOWN | 01.02.2015

Tommy Searle got his return to KTM off in style this morning as he gunned the De Carli Factory SX350F to pole position in the opening race of the European MX season at Riola Sardo on Sardinia. The Brit was a quarter of a second faster than Ken De Dycker on the 450 with Toni Cairoli slowest of the team as hew took 5th behind Jeremy Van Horebeek and Evgeny Bobryshev. Nathan Watson was 8th fastest on the IceOne Husky while Buildbase Honda duo Gert Krestinov and Kristian Whatley were 11th and 13th. Pauls Jonass topped MX2.

PATAGONIA | 20.01.2015

It's looking good for the first MXGP in Argentina for 26 years with track prep in full swing with the construction of jumps after the clearance of forest at the idyllic holiday resort of Villa La Angostura in the shadow of the Andes. The ground is black soil of organic origin, we are assured that it is sandy with no rocks, and there is even a little elevation change. Round three of the MXGP world series takes place on the last weekend of March.

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