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JUST TWO DAYS TO GO | 01.03.2018

The crates have arrived and the first bikes have already been unpacked, including the factory Huskys, Livi's 114 Hondas for Hunter Lawrence and Bas Vaasen, the factory TMs and the F&H Kawasakis for Adam Sterry and Jed Beaton. And there's even a shock appearance as Petar Petrov has shrugged off his recently broken collarbone: "I've ridden four times now; it's not perfect but I'm here to try." So Honda does at least have a presence in MXGP with the Bulgarian and Red Moto teammate "AJ" Arminas Jasikonis.

OFF TO THE ANDES | 23.01.2018

Four weeks from now the stars of world motocross will be packing their bags to jet off to South America for the opening GP at Villa La Angostura, a three hour flight even from Argentine capital Buenos Aires, high up in the foothills of the Andes. The gloves will be off and 28 MXGP and 29 MX2 regulars have signed up along with half a dozen locals per class. MXGP is already two down with Brian Bogers (foot) and Valentin Guillod (leg) out for the duration, while Standing Construct are on hold with Kevin Strijbos too after the Belgian fractured a collarbone last week. How many more will be gone before the end of the warm-up races ? Scroll down to see who has signed up for Argentina ... and their new (old) numbers.


A new championship embracing all forms of enduro racing will take off in 2018. The WESS (World Enduro Super Series) will encompass eight classic races - The Lagares Extreme Enduro in Portugal (May 11-13), the Erzberg Rodeo in Austria (May 31.June 3), the Trefle Lozerien in France (June 8-10), the Red Bull Romaniacs (July 24-28), the Polish Megawatt in September, the Gotland Grand National (October 26-27), the Den Haag Beach Race (November 10) and one more unnamed venue in September. Each event will be open to professional and amateur riders, and guess who's the first man to sign up ? None less than the Knighter himself: "Perfect for me finally, A proper series that has some seriously good and varied events. Something that has been needed for a long time.Encourages amateur riders too.. how it should be !" More information at


So what's wrong with growing your hair long and skiving off school ? Take a look at the pic of the winning 1994 team of Kaptain Kurt, Maler, Fish, DT and Dennis and on the extreme right of the shot you may, or may not LOL, recognise the Cornish lad who skived off school to be at Roggenburg that famous weekend in 1994. Yup, it's none other than 2017 Nations UK team manager Mark Chamberlain. And the photographer clearly already appreciated the significance of leaving him in the shot, even if some publications trimmed him off ;-) :D

DRINK UP | 30.04.2017

After 14 years of tyranny by world drug parasites WADA and their associated members like the FIM you can now risk a glass of wine with your meal the night before competition as ethanol has been removed from the list of substances deemed "doping". Not that this means binge drinking is back in as alcohol "abuse" can still be sanctioned for "endangering fellow competitors" and the limit is just 0.1 promille ! There is no truth in the rumour that all results from the 20th century will be annulled - apparantly they don't have any frozen samples to check LOL - but breathalyser tests were carried out earlier this month in Mexico and Italy.

FUTURE CHAMP ? | 18.03.2017

Finally got to Villa La Angostura after a marathon, including 10 wonderful hours wait in that craphole LHR T5 and 13 hours with BA to BA. Cold as **ck this morning (-2) but headed for +20 and sunshine this afternoon. Had a pleasant final leg to Bariloche in a row with a 14 year old Argentinian kid and his dad chatting in Espanglais. Turns out Mateo Caceres from Tucuman up in in the north is notching up the victories week in, week out on his KX85. A future champion ? Who knows ? But keep your eyes open for #511 in a couple of years time. His favourite rider ? Max Nagl. So get your **se in gear this weekend, Max, like when you ripped past RV2 two years back, and send one nice lad home with an even bigger smile on his face Sunday evening ;-)


Presumably we won't get riders flaking out in the heat as has happened in Thailand, but at least they should get a free shower at some time this weekend in Indonesia. Apparantly it has rained in Pangkal Pinang every day for a couple of months, but, to put that into perspective, the island of Bangka is just two degrees south of the Equator and rainfall is the norm at some time in the day; that doesn't mean it p***es down non-stop, ok! The forecast air temperatures are also a little below average, but the humidity levels mean you can add 10 degrees for the "feel" temperature.

TOP MAN | 19.12.2015

Shaun Simpson is the people's choice ! After many months of worldwide voting the Scot has come out top of the charts to be stalked throughout 2016 by Living For The Weekend for their next video "The Exceptional Six". This is enormous news for Shaun, the only privateer to ever win a GP in MX1 or MXGP, and confirms his popularity whehre it counts - with the fans ! Armed with factory Toomers for the 2016 campaign Shaun is the man in the spotlight ! Five more names will be announced in the coming days, but it is now clear .... Shaun is Top Man !

ROUND 10 @ TALAVERA | 09.12.2015

No official word yet from the FIM or YS, but the round 10 TBA, the midway point of the 19 round 2016 MXGP world series on May 28/29, will be at Talavera in Spain. It was a no-brainer after the Spanish attended the recent organisers' meeting as "observers", but the Spanish media is reporting it as a done deal and Talavera have clearly now coughed up their 2015 debts to YS. In addition to the regular GP classes, the event will also host EM125, EM250 and EM300.

LE BOOK | 04.12.2015

The seventh edition of Stanley Leroux's MXGP photo annual is now available for orders before Xmas. 224 pages in 9x11 inch format, the volume covers the entire MXGP series with atmospheric shots from around the globe. The 2015 edition is available in two styles - standard and Limited Edition - and is now in stock for shipping and can be ordered @ There's even an introduction by Ryan Villopoto, but you don't have to read it; simply enjoy the photos :D

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