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EIGHT YEARS ON | 28.08.2016

Eight years on from winning the first-ever WMX world title in 2008 Livia Lancelot finally struck gold again in Assen. Nervous as hell, but with a 27 point pre-race lead, Livi was handed the opportunity to tie it up one moto early when Nancy van de Ven went down at the start of the Saturday race, and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Whilst Courtney Duncan and Kiara Fontanesi cleared off into the distance, van de Ven got back onto the French girl's rear wheel with a couple of laps to go but her take-out attempt backfired and Livi was home and dry. Felicitation !

no way ! | 09.08.2016
  no way !

Shock waves resounded round the UK MX community on Monday when Brian Wheeler, ultimate hero of the British team at the Farleigh Castle Vets MXDN in recent years, went public: "It is with great sadness that I will NOT be riding VMXDN. Big thanks to Sally Hayden, Lee Butler, Nigel Fern, Colour Connect Shakz, Bob Buchanan, Richard Racebikebitz, Stuart Miller, Simon Jones, Werner Dewit, Kurt Nicoll, Ryan Voase, Jamie Dobb, Dave King. Sorry about this, it's out of my hands. It's in ACU Events' hands, scream at them, not me. Love BW."

BACK ON ! | 03.08.2016

The 300 two stroke series WILL be part of the GP programme again in 2017 after all ! Giuseppe Luongo assured interested parties such as Jacky Martens and Bob Buchanan at the weekend that he will rearrange the calender to include the class; the 125 and 250 series will have less rounds each to make space, a move which should please their competitors also. The initial exclusion had been instigated by FIM Europe in an effort to make GP weekends less cumbersome.

300s AXED | 07.07.2016
300s AXED

Something had to go in the crowded GP weekend schedule ... and almost unnoticed the European 300 series has been axed in 2017. Two stroke fans will be particularly saddened as the move leaves only the 125s and as couple of girls on smokers through the season, while the pathetic Honda 150 series continues unabated. But money talks, and, with Honda paying up front and all classes over-subscribed, the series with the least political clout has had to go. While the 300s get scrapped, EMX250 has ten rounds, the 125s nine, the girls seven and the wretched little Hondas six.

EMX 300
From 2017 the EMX300 2 Stroke Championship will not be combined with the MXGP/MX2 events. Therefore applications are invited from Federations to organise rounds of this growing championship. The EMX 300 Championship can be combined with EMX 65/85 zone rounds or with EMX Quad events or even as stand-alone rounds combined with national championships.
Applications should be sent to the FIM Europe Secretariat before the end of July.

Fat chance of anybody contesting such a series !

UPDATE: OUT of Matterley and Mantova ! | 18.06.2016
  UPDATE: OUT of Matterley and Mantova !

"Romain is ok," stated Yamaha Europe off-road manager Alberto Barozzi. "He was knocked out, but there is nothing broken. He touched the front wheels with Ben Townley before the uphill jump." Reigning world champion Romain Febvre had crashed as he fought through the field from a bad start in MXGP qualfication at Matterley and lay in the track, immediately protected by waved yellow flags, until the end of the race. Barozzi's statement ended fears of a fracture, but it is not clear if the Frenchman will be able to contest tomorrow's GP at Matterley Basin. Townley showed admirable sportsmanship to return to the scene immediately after the race to check if Febvre was OK in the ambulance. Series leader Tim Gajser ran away with the race.
UPDATE SUNDAY: Febvre: "I'm disappointed to leave early, but the crash on Saturday was serious and it is the best decision for my own well-being to withdraw from Matterley Basin. With a head injury it is very important to rest and recover and take no action that could cause another shock, so I will recover at home and wait for more medical tests to determine when I can continue training and racing."

Sami Hyypiä races MX | 05.06.2016
   Sami Hyypiä races MX

Ex-Liverpool FC centre half Sami Hyypiä is a regular visitor to the IceOne awning, often in company with team owner Kimi Räikkonen, and he admitted during a chat in France that motocross is his second love.
"I race in the vets back home in Finland whenever I can, though I must admit I'm a little rusty at the moment as I had no time when I was manager of FC Zurich," explained the 42 year old, who had driven to St Jean together with IceOne team manager Antti Pyrhonen. "We went to Lommel on Wednesday to practice, but I only rode a few laps. The track was really tough after all the recent rain. We go back on Monday and hopefully I can get more laps in." On a Husky of course !

Ryan Dungey to race the Nations | 17.05.2016
  Ryan Dungey to race the Nations

Ryan Dungey will return to Nations duty for the USA at Maggiora on September 24/25. KTM sports chief Pit Beirer revealed the news at Pietramurato: "We want Ryan to race the Nations and he wants it himself; he has something to prove at this race after both he and the USA have failed to win in recent years." But neither the US champ nor KTM USA teammate Marvin Musquin will be at the Supermotocross at Schalke. Beirer: "After 17 weeks of supercross and 12 Nationals the US riders need a break. And in October there is also the Monster Cup in Vegas and the preparations for A1 are already in full swing."

with sincere concern and apologies | 10.05.2016
   with sincere concern and apologies

There was a bitter atmosphere amongst the public at Teutschenthal over the weekend when security staff at the entrance to the track confiscated all liquids. Whilst this is understandable in respect of alcoholic drinks - a common occurence at sporting events - the confiscation of STILL WATER not unnaturally caused grave aggravation, particularly as German beverage suppliers generally only offer the revolting stuff with gas, which can hardly be classified as "refreshment", particularly in the warm temperatures of the past weekend. The MSC Teutschenthal has apologised for the way in which the agreement was implemented and have assured all fans that it will not happen again. Scroll down for the club statement in O-tone and English translation.


Dylan Ferrandis makes a surprise return to racing in Latvia this weekend, seven weeks after injuring his shoulder in Thailand: "I rode my bike just a couple of times this week but I feel ready to get back to racing. I will have no pressure for this comeback and will not take any risks; the goal is to be back at the start gate, race and do my best. I know that I will need several races to return to my best form but I'm prepared to be patient." The French youngster has happy memories of Kegums; he was a vital member of the victorious Nations team there in 2014.


Seven teams, a total of nine crates, were still waiting for their bikes at Leon today, and they are not expected to arrive until Saturday morning, after Tech officially closes ! With just 20 entries in each class no-one is going to protest against late-comers but HRC, Kawasaki MX2, HSF, Kemea and Wilvo Virus were amongst those still without bikes for the Mexican GP. Apparantly an aerosol was found by Mexican customs in one of the crates and they immediately confiscated erveything they could lay their hands on. Steve Turner, owner of one of the affected teams, could only shake his head: "It's not us. We pay extra for all aerosols to be transported by SEL, together with the race fuel." The FIM has already reacted and there will now be just one practice at noon local time on Sasturday plus the qualifying race.

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