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GAJSER BOWS OUT | 05.06.2017

Tim Gajser is out of the Russian GP and can wave goodbye to the MXGP world title. HRC has finally come clean and admitted that the Slovenian suffered a broken shoulderblade in his second crash at Teutschenthal three weeks ago, the full extent of the injury first becoming apparant when he had to withdraw from the French GP after qualification: "My shoulder injury is worse than we first realised, so I have to accept that I canít race this weekend in Russia." Evgeny Bobryshev, who fractured a collarbone in Germany, is confirmed to return for his home GP.

COMRADE ANDO | 27.05.2017

Brad Anderson is off to Russia after all ! A number of interested parties have chipped in to cover the costs and Ando's passport went off to the Russian Embassy yesterday. Arrangements have been made for the Verde KTM to be transported by road with another crew, and indeed the entire series top four will now be going; Jacky Martens confirmed this morning that he has made the crate envisaged for injured son Yentel available to Erik Willems and Kenny van Dueren, so there should now be almost a dozen regulars, plus presumably a couple of Ruskies on 250 smokers.


Brad Anderson was the first man to light the fires at Teutschenthal this weekend when her romped to victory in the Euro 300 opener aboard the Verde KTM smoker ! Coming up 36 Ando was on it like a youngster half his age to head home champion Mike Kras by 20 seconds in the only race with a full gate ;-) Top men in the GP classes were Toni Cairoli and Benoit Paturel; the top four in MX2 all showed nerves to hit the deck, HRC didn't have a man at the chequered flag in MXGP as Evgeny Bobryshev went to hospital with a broken collarbone while Tim Gajser banged himself up but walked away. But what about Jeffrey Herlings ? Fastest qualifier, sat in 5th for 15 minutes and swept to second at will. Thr Bullet is on it again !

EIGHTY FOUR ! | 08.05.2017

Jeffrey Herlings is still openly insistent that the MXGP title is a step too far after his injury worries during the overseas tour, but the glint in the corner of his eye betrays the fact that he knows that nothing is impossible after previous points leader Tim Gajser picked up more than a few bruises courtesy of Jose Butron and the savage Kegums ruts. The Bullet, 110 down before the weekend, is, with twelve GPs still on the schedule, just 46 points behind third-placed Gautier Paulin and 84 - yes, 84 ! - shy of new points leader Toni Cairoli ! Wonder what price Ladbrookes are offering now ?


The Elsendorper Bullet shot back to form this morning. Still static on the bike just a week ago in Trentino Jeffrey Herlings was moving around the bike again at the Eurocircuit, where he has never lost a moto, this morning, setting one fastest lap after another to top Free Training. Fans will see this afternoon if he can stay top man when the opposition take off when the serious business of qualification takes place this afternoon, but the Valkenswaard GP should certainly be worth a visit later today and tomorrow ... and not only for the GP boys as Mike Kras took the GL12 SX250 smoker to pole in EMX250 while Brad Anderson is also prominent on the Verde 2-stroke against the noisy four-bangers.

THE ENTERTAINER | 20.03.2017

Crowd favourite at Villa La Angostura was undoubtedly Darian Sanayei. The American was loving the jump-infested track in the Andes and the enthusiastic Argentinian crowd responded to every trick the US boy pulled on his way to fifth overall. But for a fall it could even have been a podium ... but that cannot be far away for Steve Dixon's new boy. Enjoy !

NATIONS GOES STATESIDE 2018 | 11.03.2017

The 2017 US GP will stay in the South East ... and the 2018 Nations will be in the US Mid-West. That was the news which came out of a joint press conference between Youthstream's David Luongo and MXSports' Davy Coombs in Daytona this afternoon as part of a long-term deal between the once rival organisations. Both venues should be confirmed in the coming days, but Coombs has already posted on RacerX that the Nations will be in the Mid-West, and most pundits expect it to be Red Bud, while Gatorback in Florida is tipped to host the GP on Labour Day weekend. Stay tuned.


Early season sensation Arminas Jasikonis is out of the MGP opener in Qatar ! The Lithuanian was refused entry to the country at Doha airport because he did not hold a valid visa; after being stranded in the airport for more than 24 hours he was eventually escorted onto a plane by police at 2am Friday morning. He had expected to obtain his entry visa on arrival at the airport, a service available to citizens of most EU countries, but this service is only available to a handful of countries in North America, Europe, Australasia and friendly muslim states. The list has never been updated since the end of the Cold War nearly 30 years ago and natives of ex-Soviet countries like the Baltic states and Slovenia are NOT included. Already two years ago Tim Gajser was only admitted after a hectic chase all over Europe to find a Qatari consulate willing to issue the papers quickly, and Jasikonis, who should never have been allowed to board the plane from Europe on Wednesday, was stuck in Doha airport until his deportation. By dinnertimer his bike was bering crated up ready for Indonesia.

SEASON OPENER | 26.01.2017

The opening round of the Internazionali d'Italia @ Riola Sardo this weekend has received a welcome boost of riders following the cancellation of the flooded Spanish Red Sand race. The IceOne Husky trio of Max Nagl, Gautier Paulin and Max Anstie, also Wilvo Yamaha duo Shaun Simpson and Arnaud Tonus have been added to an already spectacular entry of the KTM, Yamaha and Honda factory teams plus Martin Barr, Ryan Houghton and Josh Gilbert to open the outdoor season in style. Live streaming will be available for the one day event on Sunday (racing in the afternoon from 1pm MEZ/noon GMT) for Ä5.99 @

25% discount | 17.11.2016
    25% discount

Get your tickets for the 2017 MX des Nations NOW ... and save 25% ! You're going for sure, even if her indoors kicks off, I mean, how can you miss the Nations when it's being held in thre UK for the first time in nine years, and 11 years after that dramatic weekend at Matterley Basin when Stefan Everts set the seal on his exceptional career by kicking Bubba Stewart's ass ? And for continental fans the price is even more right with Sterling currently weak against the Euro. A weekend ticket currently costs just 79 pounds - 39 for under 15s - and the offer runs until December 31 @ .... and tell her now there's only one place to be on September 30/October 1 .... Matterley Basin !

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