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STROKER JOY | 18.04.2014

The 300cc European two-stroke series gets off to a low-key start this weekend, but with UK participation ! A total of 40 riders have registered for the series but only 14 of them are entered for Sevlievo. Amongst them however is Lewis Gregory on the 297 Yamaha he races at the Maxxis. Getting the boy - a young-looking 28 :D - there was real GL12 teamwork as Bob Buchanan continued on my Arco with the bikes while Lewis flew in this afternoon. And you learn something every day; for those who don't know all members of the GL12 crew share that Gloucestershire postcode ! Clever, huh ?

... Stefan versus Goat in Belgium !
 | 15.04.2014
  ... Stefan versus Goat in Belgium !<br />

Eleven years after their epic confrontation at the Zolder Nations Stefan Everts and Ricky Carmichael will face up one more time in the 2014 edition of Everts & Friends at the Horensbergdam in Genk. Stefan manages to pull something out of the bag each year for his charity race ... and a revival of the best from both sides of the Atlantic should pull in the crowds on July 21. A strange date ? Yeah, it''s a Monday, but it's the Belgian national holiday, one of the few things the Flemish and Wallionian halves can agree on :D A host of current top GP runners will also be present, as will cyclo-cross ace Sven Nys while Jeff Emig and Jeff Stanton will join the Golden Oldies. Be there if you can.


World champions Toni Cairoli, Jeffrey Herlings and a host more GP riders joined Giuseppe Luongo on Saturday evening in Arco to present the new computer game MXGP, incorporating the very latest technology. More details and availability @

DP19 | 11.04.2014

David Philippaerts and girlfriend Alice presented their DP19 Yamaha team to the media today. The 2008 world champion was amiable and open as ever: "We are very proud to prevent a new GP team which we hope will be part of the GP scene for many years to come." In other words, the eldest GP rider of the current generation clearly envisages the team as part of the GP circus long after his own riding career comes to an end, and, in addition to a word of gratitude for all of his sponsors, the 30 year old also had a word of thanks for Giuseppe Luongo, who has given support to his compatriot to put the project into place.

OOPS ! | 03.04.2014

The regular front men in MXGP are also winging on about backmarkers ignoring blue flags, but surely nobody else could have been so laid back about the consequences of blue flags as Jeremy Van Horebeek when the Yamaha factory rider was himself blue-flagged, in full view of an astounded pit lane and without a lapper in sight, as he led the first moto at Beto Carrero from Toni Cairoli !

SAMBA PARTY | 28.03.2014

As usual overseas the organisers went out of their way to provide some light-hearted entertainment with a local flair for the visitors. Sadly no so many of the riders and officials hung around Friday evening for the Samba Party at Beto Carrero, but those who did were like lambs to the slaughter as the paparazzi sought compromising evidence :D
Scroll further down for more of "action" ;-)

BRAZIL, HERE WE COME | 26.03.2014

Bags packed, checked in, Brazil, here we come - 28 hours from door to door, but it will be worth it for great racing, sweet girls, sunshine ? even if we will probably be up to our ****s in ****. It washes off !
Obregado !

ANOTHER WET ONE ? :( | 19.03.2014

Brazil is sun, fat asses and samba, right ? Except in Santa Catarina :( MXGP has been to the southern province three times - 2009, 2012, 2013 - and it rained each time. Last year was not soooo bad, but 2009 Saturday quali had to be cancelled and 2012 was just a trifle sticky. The fifteen day forecast is now online with mid 20s autumn temperatures ... but it's looking like boots and brolly weather again for round three of MXGP :( At least the spectators need not worry - nearly all of the 15,000 seats at Beto Carrero are under cover !

HOWZAT 4 A HOLESHOT ? | 09.03.2014

The big names had spotted Shaun Simpson's Saturday trick when he emerged fourth from turn one after turning tight so they lined up from the inside to leave the Scot with his hard-earnt gate four. Undeterred Shaun blasted the HM Plant KTM out of the gate to scythe across Van Horebeek, Cairoli and Desalle for the holeshot and a lead he held for almost two laps. He should have finished fourth, but got taken out big-time by Gautier Paulin mid-moto and ended up 7th. Tommy Searle is in hospital with a suspected broken wrist after coming up short on one of the massive jumps.


Riders, teams and stooges have started to land in Thailand for next weekend's GP at Sri Racha. It was already 27 degrees C just an hour after sunrise this morning @ Bangkok airport ... and it doesn't plan on getting any cooler. Even the reception in Pattaya advised that this is warm for the time of year ... so the boys better start making plans to combat dehydration. Good news - Mel Pocock kept some food down today after his heroic ride on an empty stomach on Saturday - "I only had one meal in two days - and that came straight back up !" But that couldn't stop him scoring 10 points after running top ten for 20 minutes !

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