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NATIONS LINE-UP | 28.08.2014

Just a month to go to the 2014 Motocross des Nations and 33 nations have nominated rider trios to contest this year's event at Kegums in Latvia on September 27/28. Click "More" to see the line-ups for the thirty three nations.

ROAD TO RECOVERY | 15.08.2014

Back in January whilst preparing for the coming season in Spain Marko Kovalainen was hit in the back by his own bike, shattering his spine and left side and suffering a collapsed lung. The spinal damage was so great that he will remain paralysed but after 12 days in artificial coma and a further month in a special unit, he could be transported back to Finland for ongoing treatment and is now out and about: "Nearly 7 months after my accident I'm finally healthy enough to do some exercise. It just felt so good pump up heart rate a bit. It's still a long road to go but I can see little light at the end of a long tunnel ..." Stay strong, Marko

TARGET MEXICO | 29.07.2014

"8 days in.. 6,5 weeks to go. In front of schedule" Jeffrey Herlings has not given up hope of that third straight MX2 world title. You can see his first tentative leg exercises on the static cycle by clicking FIM chief medical officer David McManus said at the weekend: "I understand that the fracture has been pinned and that his leg is not in plaster; if he is receiving physio and electro treatment, and I would expect that he is, then it is quite possible that his leg will be strong enough by Mexico."

..... racing an 85 for charity !
 | 21.07.2014
  ..... racing an 85 for charity !<br />

Jeffrey Herlings could have blown his third consecutive MX2 world title this morning .... racing an 85 at Everts & Friends ! KTM race chief Pit Beirer: "We do yet know the full extent of Jeffrey's injuries to date, but he has broken his left femur." Apparantly the Dutch teenager was chasing down Roan van de Moosdijk in the first heat of the kids versus champs 85cc race when he crashed hard and sustained the injuries which would appear likely to keep him out of action for the remainder of the season. He has been operated the same evening.

EURO KIDS | 12.07.2014

The Euro kids already had their first motos @ Hyvinkää. Maksim Kraev led home Nikita Kucherov to a Russian 1-2 in the 65s as Liam Everts, giving a couple of years to many of the riders, came home 23rd, while lone Brit Taylor Hammal was 9th in the 85s, won by Belgium's Jago Geerts after home hope Kim Savaste binned it. Incidentally they were lapping only ten seconds slower than Jeffrey Herlings. Jorge Prado Garcia was out on the first lap of practice; the Spanish kid fell and was hit by a following rider, damaging ligaments in his left ankle. Four Huskys, two 'Bergs, three Yams, two Suzukis and a Kawi took part but everyone that mattered in both classes was in orange. Scroll down for the gallery.


Jake Nicholls' season is effectively over after breaking the little finger of his throttle hand at the Whitby Maxxis on Sunday. The Wilvo Forkrent KTM team leader suffered the injury after a collision; he underwent an operation yesterday to piece the shattered bones back together, the procedure including the finger being wired and pinned as well as having an external fixator fitted. A further operation to remove the metalwork will be required in approximately 5-6 weeks, so he misses at least the next two rounds of the Maxxis and the rest of the GPs in Europe.

..... Husky in Scandinavia ? LOL
 | 24.06.2014
   ..... Husky in Scandinavia ?  LOL<br />

The MX gossip machine was put into top gear this afternoon as Stefan Everts posted a photo of himself in riding gear with an IceOne factory Husky and the comment "Husky test for GP's off scandinavian ... #comeback". Suspecting a wind-up we contacted KTM sports director Pit Beirer: "No-one has informed me, though I can tell you that Stefan and Jeffrey were testing the 2016 KTM on Monday. I can guarantee that Stefan is NOT planning a comeback." Wonder how many noticeboards already posted the hot "news".

JOEL ROELANTS | 15.06.2014

Joel Roelants underwent an operation yesterday evening at a spcialist clinic in Torino to stabilise the C7 and C8 vertebrae in his back after he was airlifted from Maggiora following an horrendous crash during MXGP timed training when he flew over the bars and was struck by his own bike. The full extent of his injuries have not yet been established but as track staff ran to his aid in the wake of the crash the 25 year old Belgian immediately indicated by gestures that he had no feeling in his legs. The thoughts of the entire MXGP circus are the amiable Belgian and his family at this difficult time.

TIFOSI IS RED | 13.06.2014

In the Good Old Days before commercial interests took over motor sport each country had their own national colour - British racing green, French blue, German silver, Dutch orange and Italian red .... which is why a Ferrari which is NOT red is completely naff. This weekend @ Maggiora Rinaldi Yamaha have resurrected the red and white team decals with which Andrea Bartolini raced to their first four-stroke title in 1999, while over at TM Davide Guarneri and Tanel Leok each had their race bikes in fire red livery for the weekend; apparantly Signor Gastone, the big boss @ Pesaro, also rides his bike in the national colours.

PARIS-LILLE | 09.06.2014

With Bercy under renovation this year Organisation Lariviere have been forced to seek an alternative venue for this year's Paris SX and have found a superb venue in the covered football stadium Stade Pierre Maury in the northern French town of Lille. The event will use half of the stadium, providing 23,000 seats on each of two days - Saturday November 15 and Sunday Novermber 16 - of which 11,000 seats have already been sold !Star billings are Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac, Justin Brayton, Josh Hill, Weston Peick, Gautier Paulin, Romain Febvre, Jordi Tixier, Dylan Ferrandis plus the usual French regulars and more names are to follow in SX1 and SX2. More details and tickets at

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