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MXGP HOLESHOT | 11.10.2017

Ready to score the first holeshot of 2018 ? Then click on to sign up with a €30 rebate on the Early Bird offer to watch the entire 2018 MXGP season online on demand. Base price for the series, which will run from the first week of March in Argentina to the Nations in early October at Red Bud, is €129,99 but it is currently available for just €99.99. Nice Xmas present for the wife ... as long as YOU note the log-in details :D

LONG HAUL | 29.09.2017

While hosts of the younger generation chicken out at the prospect of having to travel north for a round of the Maxxis, let's hear it for Willi Laederach, the CEO of the promoting group at the Swiss GP. Willi thought nothing of a 700 mile road trip on his Beemer to Matterley Basin to attend the 2017 Motocross des Nations ... at the age of 76 !

NUMBER 9 ! | 10.09.2017

Toni Caroli announced yesterday: "I only need a few points but I want to win this title in style !" And the Sicilian kept his word, pushing Jeffrey Herlings to the chequered flag as Tim Gajser crashed his skull out trying to keep up and Max Anstie came home a minute down in third ! The celebrations could begin. KTM could get their second title in an hour; Jeremy Seewer has to beat Paul Jonass in Moto two to keep MX2 alive !

MAX, TOMMY & DEANO | 15.08.2017

It was a no-brainer after Shaun Simpson ruled himself out of a first-choice Nations place when he got hurt at Ottobiano, and Tommy Searle's successful comeback at Frauenfeld sealed it. Tommy Gun will take the MX2 ride – he massacred the opposition last time he rode a 250 at Matterley – while Max Anstie, getting ever closer to a GP win in the prestige class, will race MXGP and Dean Wilson, hot every time he has represented Britain will ride "Open". The Scot's mechanic will fly over a week early with personalised parts such as bars and suspension and will build Deano's bike at the IceOne factory workshop. Hysterical keyboard warriors have been calling for Brad Anderson to be chosen, but the 36 year old admits himself that he is several seconds off GP pace, while the pressure of a "home" Nations would be too much to inflict on Conrad Mewse and Ben Watson at this stage of their careers. Meanwhile Simpson's recovery has progressed well and the Scot already raced Baslen today and will be in Sweden this weekend.


What a weekend for Julien Lieber @ Lommel ! His fifth MX2 GP podium of the season, nomination to join Clement Desalle and Jeremy Van Horebeek in Belgium's Nations squad at Matterley Basin ... and a factory contract for his move to MXGP with the Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team ! "It was my goal this season to get a top ride for MXGP in 2018, and for sure I have achieved that ! I already have a good relationship with Clement and I'm sure we'll work closely together."

USGP 2017 AT JACKSONVILLE | 19.07.2017

It's only two months since the US GP on 2/3 September was "confirmed" for Gainesville but this morning, six weeks prior to the event, YS sent out a mail to say the GP will be now be an hour and a half down the road at WW Motocross Park, Jacksonville. The new facility, opened in 2013, is rated as the best practice track in Florida; apparantly the switch from Gainesville came because US promotor Davy Coombs could not reach agreement with Gainesville after an existing contract ran out on June 30.

2018 START IN THE ANDES | 27.06.2017

The FIM has announced the 2018 MXGP schedule proposed by Youthstream. There will be no round in the Middle East, indeed there will only be four overseas dates amongst the 20 GPs and the opener will be at the glorious Villa La Angostura raceway in the Andes on a slightly earlier date than in the past to secure a glorious autumn spectacle for the Patagonian GP. The other long haul trips will be to Indonesia outside the rainy season, USA and Mexico with a second trip to the US in October for the Nations. Matterley is on June 2/3. Click down for the full list.

GAJSER BOWS OUT | 05.06.2017

Tim Gajser is out of the Russian GP and can wave goodbye to the MXGP world title. HRC has finally come clean and admitted that the Slovenian suffered a broken shoulderblade in his second crash at Teutschenthal three weeks ago, the full extent of the injury first becoming apparant when he had to withdraw from the French GP after qualification: "My shoulder injury is worse than we first realised, so I have to accept that I can’t race this weekend in Russia." Evgeny Bobryshev, who fractured a collarbone in Germany, is confirmed to return for his home GP.

COMRADE ANDO | 27.05.2017

Brad Anderson is off to Russia after all ! A number of interested parties have chipped in to cover the costs and Ando's passport went off to the Russian Embassy yesterday. Arrangements have been made for the Verde KTM to be transported by road with another crew, and indeed the entire series top four will now be going; Jacky Martens confirmed this morning that he has made the crate envisaged for injured son Yentel available to Erik Willems and Kenny van Dueren, so there should now be almost a dozen regulars, plus presumably a couple of Ruskies on 250 smokers.


Brad Anderson was the first man to light the fires at Teutschenthal this weekend when her romped to victory in the Euro 300 opener aboard the Verde KTM smoker ! Coming up 36 Ando was on it like a youngster half his age to head home champion Mike Kras by 20 seconds in the only race with a full gate ;-) Top men in the GP classes were Toni Cairoli and Benoit Paturel; the top four in MX2 all showed nerves to hit the deck, HRC didn't have a man at the chequered flag in MXGP as Evgeny Bobryshev went to hospital with a broken collarbone while Tim Gajser banged himself up but walked away. But what about Jeffrey Herlings ? Fastest qualifier, sat in 5th for 15 minutes and swept to second at will. Thr Bullet is on it again !

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