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GONE WITH THE WIND | 28.02.2015

With two massive holeshots and the speed to carry it through to the finish, Max Nagl dominated the opening GP at Losail to give IceOne Husqvarna their first GP victory. Toni Cairoli just missed the podium, but Ryxan Villopoto wasn't even close with 9-8 motos. Jeffrey Herlings scored a double in MX2 just 20 days after getting back on a bike, but the opening GP was agony for the Brits. Only Shaun Simpson finished the day, and the Scot was half blind after a goggle lens poped out at turn one of the second race and hobbling after Jose Butron crashed into his right foot; and that after an heroic ride to split the factory bikes for 7th in race one. It can only get better.

KTM RULES | 27.02.2015

KTM ruled the roost in qualification in Qatar as Toni Cairoli swept all before him in MXGP despite being stuck in third gear for several laps after dirt blocked his shift pedal, while Jefffrey Herlings, less than three weeks back on a bike, amazingly topped MX2 with a last lap block on Thomas Covington. Ryan Villopoto was confronted with the reality of MXGP racing as he fell whilst chasing Shaun Simpson for 6th; the US champ crossed the line 8th, one behind the Scot who also surrendered his top six slot with an error. Max Anstie, 5th in MX2, was top Brit despite being forced to discard his goggles, SDR teammate Mel Pocock roared through the pack to 11th, Ben Watson chased home Petar Petrov for 17th, big brother Nathan put the third Husky in the top 12 but a troubled Tommy Searle went backwards to 16th with a broken thumb.


Jake Nicholls is out of action for the next two months after fracturing his right forearm in two places just above the wrist during qualification at Lacapelle Marival in central France yesterday. Six screws were inserted yesterday afternoon at the local hospital to hold the bones in place and the initial prognosis for recovery time is "six to eight weeks".


Tommy Searle leapt into the Elite series lead of the Internazionale d'Italia after chasing home Max Nagl in round two @ Castiglione del Lago. KTM teammate Toni Cairoli could not better 5th all day and TommyGun, TC#222 and Nagl go to next weekend's finale in Ottobiano with winner-takes-all as five points sdeparate the three of them. Searle finished 6th earlier in the afternoon in the MX1 moto which David Philippaerts led all the way from Nagl. Tim Gajser topped MX2.

2016 KATOOMS | 05.02.2015

While the Japanese rolled out updates of last year's bikes for the opening race of the Europran outdoor season at Riola SDardo on Sunday KTM stole the show with the first public showing of their 2016 range. All three models - the 350SX-F raced by Toni Cairoli and Tommy Searle, Ken De Dycker's compact 450SX-F and the 250SX-F taken to victory by Pauls Jonasss - have the same basis with a new frame and, though naturally no details weere forthcoming, the engines are brand new, not just a brush-up of the power units which have won the last 11 world titles. Take a good look because these bikes, in production line trim, are what will hit your showrooms in the autumn

TC STILL TOPS | 01.02.2015

Toni Cairoli had nothing for Gautier Paulin the the MX1 moto @ Riola Sardo, indeed David Philippaerts was the unfortunate hero of the race as he ran down both of them to clear off before his pipe broke, but the eight times world champion came out with a vengeance inthe Superfinal to run away from everyone @ two seconds a lap. Tommy Searle put an MX1 7th behind him to take a storming third in the Superfinal despite a mid-moto error which dropped him temporarily to 7th. Paul Jonass dominated the MX2 race and was best 250F in Superinal too in 8th. Gert Krestinov and Nathan Watson were both top ten in MX1 and Kristian Whatley had a great ride to 14th in the Superfinal.

.... Mookie, that is :D | 25.01.2015
 .... Mookie, that is :D

Big brother Bubba won't win a SX this year after being suspended for dropping speed, but the Stewart family has still landed a 2015 victory as Malcolm Stewart took the 250 win in Oakland. Trey Canard took his first victory for four years in the main class with a scintillating ride from 10th and no-risk Ryan Dungey inherited the points lead as Ken Roczen was lucky to survive as he came up short on a triple following a risky pass on Chad Reed left the German with insufficient drive to clear the next obstacle. Results @ "More"

GIRL TALK | 21.01.2015

Just 19 girls face the quandary of what to pack so they don't look out of place without a veil in the Arabian desert or overdressed in Sukhumvit :P as WMX takes off in Qatar and Thailand five weeks from now; the only top girl of last year's magic seven to decline the trip is ex-champ Steffi Laier as Gabi Hamlet joins Nat Kane from the UK. No surprises the MXGP and MX2 as all bar five of the seeded OAT riders make the trip together with Paul Coates and Gradie Featherstone, but you can pick up everyone's new riding numbers @ "More"

KROC AGAIN @ A2 | 18.01.2015

Ken Roczen maintained the momentum @ round three of the AMA SX series with a second straight win in the Angel Stadium to move 12 points clear of Ryan Dungey as the ex-teammates disputed the win all night. Dungey led home their heat, but the secret to success was already clear as the only lead change in the 450 class all night prior to the Main came when Jake Weimer passed Jimmy Albertson to win the LCQ.

KRoc podium again as Tomac takes his first win
 | 11.01.2015
 KRoc podium again as Tomac takes his first win<br />

Ken Roczen built on his points lead at Phoenix as Eli Tomac, once again the fastest man on the track, took a career first win; the chase is on as the Geico leader looks to avoid the mistakes which have cost him dear so often during his career. Tomac was dominant all day in Arizona, fastest in afternoon quali and heading Davi Millsaps by seven seconds in their heat, while it was Roczen's turn to sweat after needing to go through the semi.

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