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MAXIMUM MAX | 23.08.2015

Max Anstie remains unbeaten bar the Loket crash moto through the last two months after another two wins on race day at the GP of Lombardia. The 50 point maximum has hauled the Brit from 7th to 3rd in the table, but hzer still desperately needs somewone else to start taking points off Pauls Jonass and Tim Gajser after the teenagers shared 2-3 motos. With three GPs remaining the Latvian leads the Slovenian by 4 with Max a further 34 back. Oh, those 25 points cast away at Loket ..... :(

.... Tixier out | 23.08.2015
 .... Tixier out

Max Anstie continues his winning ways at Mantova. With his 15th victory in 16 races as he stormed past Jeremy Seewer and Valentin Guillod to win qualification - his only defeat came when he crashed out of the lead at Loket - the Brit again raised the barrier as the list of MX2 GP title candidates was reduced from six to five when Jordi Tixier dislocated two bones in his right wrist and was already on his way back to France in the evening as he frantically sought a surgeon to operate. Anstie: "There are no tactics. I'm 46 back. All I can do is keep putting in my laps and hope I can carry on winning !"

Britain wins FOUR out of five in Lommel | 01.08.2015
  Britain wins FOUR out of five in Lommel

Brits sensationally raced to four winds out of five today at Lommel ! Brad Anderson swept the 300 from out of nowhere, Jack Bintcliffe devastated the other kids in the 150s, Max Anstie led MX2 all the way and Shaun Simpson, the sole rider leaping the big quad but outrageously fast through the sandy bumps, swept from outside the top ten to pass all the other big names in MXGP. A typically shocking first lap cost Conrad Mewse the honours in the Euro 125s, but he too was on it from 31st to fifth. Britain ... kings of sand !!!

CLASS ACT | 26.07.2015

Romain Febvre is simply in a class of his own at present. Two more overwhelming victories at Loket have taken the MXGP rookie 81 clear of Gautier Paulin with Evgeny Bobryshev, effectively third, now 108 back. Mac Anstie was on a mission in MX2 again until he crashed out of the moto 2 lead, having already dominated the opener: "My hand came off the bars. I was too winded to carry on and the bike was bent, but it's still on. We've got three sand GPs coming up !" Max is still 7th in points, 62 off effective joint points leaders Tim Gajser & Valentin Guillod.

HERLINGS IS DONE | 25.07.2015

"When we're lucky it's 'only' a dislocated hip. It's either that or a broken femur." That was the sad news which KTM sports chief Pit Beirer reported after Jeffrey Herlings was rushed to hospital following an accident in the MX2 qualifier. The Dutch rider went down at turn one with, amongst others, Tim Gajser and Valentin Guillod, and was on a desperation surge back through the pack when he crashed out of 13th off the jump onto the start straight. An unsighted Jordi Tixier, a fourth lap faller, could not miss him and landed with full force on Herlings' legs. Cool runaway winner Max Anstie is now effectively just 65 points off the series lead with six GPs to run .... and Tim Gajser can't take his right foot off the footrest following his second race crash in Kegums a fortnight ago !

FRENCH FROLICS | 21.07.2015

It is now odds on that the MXGP title will be headed to France with the news this evening that Toni Cairoli will sit out the Czech GP at Loket this weekend and will not return to racing until given the medical all-clear: "It hasn't been any fun to race with an injury and not be able to fight for victory, although I always tried my best. I very much regret that I have to stop but unfortunately injuries are part of our sport and this is something we cannot do anything about. I will do everything I can to recover as soon as possible, and to be back on the bike and on the race track." Max Nagl will return at Loket but the German is already 97 points back from Romain Febvre, and the MXGP rookie's closest rival is now fellow Frenchie Gautier Paulin, 66 back with 6 to go.

NEV'S BACK | 16.07.2015

Nev Bradshaw returns to the Maxxis at Foxhills this weekend; theSouth African takes over the Heads & All Threads Suzuki of Harri Kullas, departed to GP action with the factory Husqvarna squad. A three-time Red Bull Pro Nationals champ, twice British Master and twice 3rd in the Maxxis the 31 year old a true racer and a tough competitor. "I never stopped riding because I didn't love it any more, it just came to a point where I kind of had to, and it's great to have a opportunity like this to come along. Neil Prince came to me with the deal, I've tested the bike, and I'm really impressed. It's cool to be back with a team that has the support there. It's something I still want to do, and I've been lucky that I've been able to keep my eye in. I never stopped training and I still try to ride as much as I can, so hopefully I can fit straight back into a team."

SANDMAN MAX | 11.07.2015

Who else could do the winning in MX2 of a loose-surface GP without Jeffrey Herlings other than Max Anstie ? The Brit dominated qualification at Kegums to win with ease from Tim Gajser, Pauls Jonass, Valentin Guillod and Jeremy Seewer, so the only Herlings-chaser without an inside gate for race day is first lap crasher Jordi Tixier. Adam Sterry proved just how unfair the tight 180 degree start in Latvia can be as he sprinted clear on the opening lap of EMX2 simply by holding the inside line after gating in the third rank. Ben Watson broke top ten in MX2, whlie Tommy Searle has fourth pick, losing out to Gautier Paulin, Romain Febvre and Evgeny Bobryshev after leading for five laps. Shaun Simpson will start from gate 9, Nathan Watson goes off 12, Jake Nicholls from the outside after pulling out with back pains after crashing, and Toni Cairoli has 18th choice after an early fall.


HRC will head into 2016 with an unchanged line-up after Evgeny Bobryshev signed up for another year after a series of thrilling performances in recent weeks. Having finally shrugged off the injuries which have affected his pace in recent years "Bobby" has actually been HRC's star man in the last few GPs and is still a serious outside candidate for the MXGP world title. Gautier Paulin alrewady had a contract thrtoughh to the end of 2016.


Jeffrey Herlings defied his broken collarbone, rib and back injury from Teutschenthal to win the first moto at Uddevalla, but the Dutch youngster got no further than the exit from turn one in race before slithering to the ground. A full medical report is still awaited but the initial diasgnosis is a dislocated little finger and a deep cut in his left hand. Tim Gajser completed his hat-trick of GP victories and is now just 78 down with seven GPs to go asnd his fellow podium placemen from Switzerland, Valentin Guillod and Jeremy Seewer asre 88 and 112 back respectively.

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