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ANDO AT THE DOUBLE | 21.05.2017

The boy done good ! Brad Anderson posted an emphatic double in the EMX300 opener with victory again this morning in moto two: "I knew Mike Kras would be stronger this morning after they graded the track, and that Italian came across me again at the start, but I caught Mike halfway through and could take command as the track roughened up again. I've got to dedicate this one to Tom Brown; just wish he could have been here." Red plate for the Verde KTM legend, but for how long ? "I'm not going to Russia; I just hope they call it off with only seven riders wanting to go." One of those is Kras !


The AMA PC pin-stripes have fined Zach Osborne seven and a half grand for the pass on Joey Savatgy which clinched him the East Coast SX title in Vegas Saturday evening. Guilty of "endangering life and limb" or tough guy hero ? Decide for yourselves @ 2:45 on

IT'S OTTOBIANO | 23.03.2017

Just in five minutes ago; Maggiora is gone, the Italian GP on June 24/25 will be held at Ottobiano, the sand track close to Pavia, 50 miles south-west of Milano, which has hosted the final round of the Internazionali d'Italia in recent years. Jeffrey Herlings will be delighted; back to where he broke his hand last month ! Better get booking rooms quick ;-) Got mine before I told you LMFAO

ANYBODY'S RACE | 19.03.2017

It's anybody's race this afternoon in Patagonia after a hectic qualification. Tim Gajser ruled MXGP quali all the way from Jeremy Van Horebeek, but sly old fox Toni Cairoli put in his fastest laps at the end, while timed practice fast man Romain Febvre had to recover from a first lap get-off and half of the favourites - Max Nagl, Clement Desalle, Gautier Paulin, Max Anstie & Jeffrey Herlings - were storming back through the pack after getting tangled up turn one. Pauls Jonass controlled MX2 from the front on his favourite going, but Julien Lieber & Jeremy Seewer were hauling after slipping off early on. Should be good !

 | 05.03.2017

When the going gets tough, the tough get going ..... and no-one is as tough as Shaun Simpson ! Lierop, Lommel, Assen, Pangkal Pinang - the toughest races in the world and the winner each time has been Braveheart ! "I knew I could win it already in the first few laps when I was still running fourth." Even the Scot ground to a temporary halt on the final lap but adrenalin, a heart pumping blood like it had gone out of fashion and tough highland thighs got Shaun through where others would have wilted. The second MXGP moto was cancelled after the red flags went out for MX2 with Jeremy Seewer the winner and Julien Lieber the neew points leader. Indonesia was tough ... and the tough guys won !

EQUALITY | 06.02.2017

The bullshit stops when the 2017 EMX250 series takes off at Pietramurata on April 15/16 ! Spurred into action by national federations, amongst them the ACU and the Danes, FIM Europe has opened up the third most important series on the world stage to four-strokes AND two-strokes ON EQUAL TERMS ! No more artificial capacity disadvantage for the strokers, both go to the gate with a 250cc limit. After years of development neglect by the factories, it remains to be seen just how many lads choose a two-stroke, let alone can prove competitive, but it is the start of a new era in which the customer puts up two fingers to certain manufacturers. See how long before they start to manufacture the cheaper-to-run two-strokes in order to maintain their market share. Any bets on Uncle Bob having somebody on the line ? ;-)

THE CLASS OF 2017 | 23.12.2016

Youthstream has named 35 riders in each of MXGP and MX2 who have signed up through the OATs to contest the entire 2017 world series including overseas. No surprises as Ryan Houghton and James Dunn for ifky JK Yamaha join Shaun Simpson, Tommy Searle, Max Anstie, Jake Nicholls, Conrad Mewse, Adam Sterry and Ben Watson at the gate. Click "More" to see the full list.

@ www.mxgp-tv | 05.12.2016
  @ www.mxgp-tv

With Xmas approaching fast, what better present to treat your loved ones or yourself than an annual subscription for the 2017 season .... and Youthstream are offering a 25% discount leading up to the festivities.
The 2017 FIM Motocross World Championship season package includes both days - Saturday and Sunday -LIVE and "On Demand" as well as all rounds of the European Championships and WMX on Also included in the season package is the Motocross des Nations. You can access the mxgp-tv site by clicking the banner at the top of this page

GL12 KTM with MIKE KRAS | 17.11.2016

Euro 300 champ Mike Kras has reason aplenty to be even more excited about 2017 - Giuseppe Luongo recently restructured the GP calendar to save the series from the machinations of FIM Europe ... and the Dutchman has a new ride with GL12 KTM ! That's right, after years of loyalty to Yamaha and their outdated strokers, Bob Buchanan paints the West Country team ORANGE next year, lining up champion Mike Kras alongside long-serving GL12 hotshot Lewis Gregory, while Ton van Grinsven will again double up as ace tuner and hotshot in the World Vets. And another shot in the arm for the big strokers - TM return in 2017 with Davide Guarneri !


Tim Gajser will defend his MXGP world title as a full-blooded HRC rider .... but still in the same Gariboldi awning ! It has been an embarassment that, while HRC has won nothing in the off-road world for 15 years, the Slovenian has delivered back-to-back titles with the Gariboldi team, but it would have equally uncouth to "steal" the golden boy and leave Giacomo Gariboldi with just the MX2 duo of Michele Cervellin and Chihiro Notsuka in his awning. The new deal will see the entire HRC structure run from the Gariboldi workshop, but with the verbal compromise of elevating the show to "Team HRC". Evgeny Bobryshev will continue in the same colours, but with a new boss.

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