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LES ARTISTES | 23.03.2017

Darian Sanayei wasn't the only one having fun on Greg Atkins' perfectly groomed jumps in Villa La Angostura. Next up Arnaud Tonus, then scroll down for more fun with Max Anstie, Seva Brylyakov, Julien Lieber and Mr S again.

THE ENTERTAINER | 20.03.2017

Crowd favourite at Villa La Angostura was undoubtedly Darian Sanayei. The American was loving the jump-infested track in the Andes and the enthusiastic Argentinian crowd responded to every trick the US boy pulled on his way to fifth overall. But for a fall it could even have been a podium ... but that cannot be far away for Steve Dixon's new boy. Enjoy !

SWISS CHEESE | 20.03.2017

Tim Gajser & Pauls Jonass were the double winners at Villa La Angostura, but the brightest grin had to be from Jeremy Seewer; a fortnight after his first GP win, the Swiss took home the red plate from Argentina, but he dragged it out of his bag for for a shot with his series-leading RMZ250F: "It's a long way to the end of the season, and I'll sacrifice the red plates to have gold after Villars in September, but it's another line on my CV. And now we are getting our starts sorted ....." Hopp Schwyz !

ANYBODY'S RACE | 19.03.2017

It's anybody's race this afternoon in Patagonia after a hectic qualification. Tim Gajser ruled MXGP quali all the way from Jeremy Van Horebeek, but sly old fox Toni Cairoli put in his fastest laps at the end, while timed practice fast man Romain Febvre had to recover from a first lap get-off and half of the favourites - Max Nagl, Clement Desalle, Gautier Paulin, Max Anstie & Jeffrey Herlings - were storming back through the pack after getting tangled up turn one. Pauls Jonass controlled MX2 from the front on his favourite going, but Julien Lieber & Jeremy Seewer were hauling after slipping off early on. Should be good !

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