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..... racing an 85 for charity !
 | 21.07.2014

Jeffrey Herlings could have blown his third consecutive MX2 world title this morning .... racing an 85 at Everts & Friends ! KTM race chief Pit Beirer: "We do yet know the full extent of Jeffrey's injuries to date, but he has broken his left femur." Apparantly the Dutch teenager was chasing down Roan van de Moosdijk in the first heat of the kids versus champs 85cc race when he crashed hard and sustained the injuries which would appear likely to keep him out of action for the remainder of the season. He has been operated the same evening.


The final rays of sunlight each day never disappear completely on the horizon at this time of the year in Finland, even in the middle of the night. The Hyvinkää GP is one of the toughest of the year - Tommy Searle: "The choppy bumps on the straights are already real hard work" - so guess who won ? TC and the Bullit each went 1-1 again of course. To get an idea of the track they had to conquer go to the Gallery by clicking


An overzealous Sulivan Jaulin has placed Steven Clarke's relentless surge towards the EMX2 title in danger as the Frenchman pulled down a fistful of riders, including red plate holder Clarkey, at the first turn in the opening moto at Hyvinkää this evening. The Frenchie went into the turn too fast and dug in the front wheel as he tried to turn sharply; local Henric Stigell got dragged down too and Clarkey piled in so hard that he ended up ten yards down the track after going arse over tip. Getting back on almost last the Brit's adventures were still not over: "I was nearly back into the points on lap two when another rider went down in front of me." From dead last he eventually hauled back to 14th, but, with Brent Van Doninck winning from Brian Bogers and Ben Watson surging up the leaderboard to 4th and Adam Sterry 9th, a gaggle of riders have closed down Clarkey's lead to 20 points with three sand motos remaining.

.... Toni Cairoli to race MX2 ! | 12.07.2014

Team Italia dropped a bombshell on Saturday evening in Finland when manager Thomas Traversini announced: "Toni Cairoli has volunteered to race the MX2 class at the Nations in September." The seven times world champion expanded: "I have won the MX1 class on the 350 for the last four motos at the Nations, but we want to win the team classification. I didn't race a 250F for five years, but I am the lightest member of the team and it will be easier for me to switch from a 350 than for my teammates to switch from a 450. We will only have a week and a half to set up the bike, but I am confident I can be competitive." TC's 450 teammates at Kegums will be David Philippaerts and Davide Guarneri.

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