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MXGP-TV 2014

Ryan Villopoto's switch from the glitter world of AMA SX to MXGP in 2015 has been the focal point of motocross chat, mostly ill-informed, this summer. One of the few men who knew directly the state of play through this time was Kawasaki Motors Europe Racing Manager Steve Guttridge, and in this EXCLUSIVE interview with, he fills us in on the background to the most exciting transfer in the history of motocross.


The sensation of the 2014 season was Jeremy Van Horebeek. Immaculately clad in Ufo gear the Belgian brought Yamaha back into the GP limelight as he finished runner-up in the MXGP world series with his first victory at the highest level and a sensational run of twelve consecutive podiums. Feeling comfortable in a bike is not only down to the mechanical side but also the riding gear and the Jerre and Ufo have extended their contract into 2015 when they seek continued success as the Belgian displays again the quality of the Voltage line with its excellent ergonomic and aeration features. Check out the Ufo lines in plastics, protection and clothing by clicking on the banner above.

PARIS GOT MOVED | 21.10.2014

Paris has officially moved closer to the UK this winter as next month's Bercy Supercross will not held on the banks of the Seine, but in the covered football arena of FC Lille, an hour's drive from Calais. And, with greater seating capacity of 40,000 for each show, there are still tickets available for the two day extravaganza, the highlight of the European winter months. Racing takes place Saturday evening November 15 and Sunday afternoon November 16.

LATVIAN LULLABY | 28.09.2014

The Nations at Kegums brought down the curtain on the 2014 outdoor season in style. Get a feeling for what you missed if you weren't there, and relive the fond memories of you were by going to the Gallery. You can also get there by clicking Enjoy :D

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