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MXGP-TV 2014

A new championship embracing all forms of enduro racing will take off in 2018. The WESS (World Enduro Super Series) will encompass eight classic races - The Lagares Extreme Enduro in Portugal (May 11-13), the Erzberg Rodeo in Austria (May 31.June 3), the Trefle Lozerien in France (June 8-10), the Red Bull Romaniacs (July 24-28), the Polish Megawatt in September, the Gotland Grand National (October 26-27), the Den Haag Beach Race (November 10) and one more unnamed venue in September. Each event will be open to professional and amateur riders, and guess who's the first man to sign up ? None less than the Knighter himself: "Perfect for me finally, A proper series that has some seriously good and varied events. Something that has been needed for a long time.Encourages amateur riders too.. how it should be !" More information at

FLYING THE FLAG | 25.11.2017

UK enthusiasts planning to fly the flag at the 2018 Nations in the USA have a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity to be genuinely close to the force as Team GB are offering an all-in-package to the race at Red Bud on October 6/7, accompany the UK team over a long weekend from Thursday the 4th to the return flight on Monday the 8th for 1695 quid. The deal includes BA flight, hotel in South Bend, and evening meets each day with Mark Chamberlain's boys as they seek to improve yet further on this year's first podium in 20 years. Check out the deal @

LE RETOUR | 19.11.2017

Supercross returned to Paris last night with a bang, packing the brand-new U Arena rugby stadium ion La Defence. It was NOT Bercy - nothing can ever replace Bercy, now just a memory - but European SX started a new era with the first successful US-style major league SX since Amsterdam in the early 80s. It was a good job for Monster, Honda and Yamaha that they sponsored the event, because they once again got wiped out by Mattighofen as Marvin Musquin for Red Bull KTM and Zach Osborne and Dean Wilson for Rockstar Husky dominated. Indeed all three US Hondas bit out, Jeremy Martin not even making the evening programme on Saturday with a wrist injury.

ALL CHANGE. ... AMENDED ..... AND MORE | 26.10.2017

Booking sites were on fire last night after the FIM issued the latest version of Youthstream's 2018 GP calendar. There were no less than eleven amendments compared with the provisional calendar presented back in the summer, and those were not on the ball for rooms, flights or rentaracers could face spiraling prices and inconvenient travel. Some of the amendments - the switch of Sweden and Switzerland, back-to-back weekends in Indonesia, no US or Mexican GP - were known and merely needed confirming and their inclusion has meant Italy in June and Assen in September each being pulled forward a week, while Red Sand does the same to make room for Valkenswaard, the Dutch running a week before Easter to free the April date for Agueda. Most surprising amendment is Russia on May 1; yes, the GP will run on a Tuesday Bank Holiday with quali the day before. Keep the Red Flag flying and all that ! Anyway, the GP aces have just eleven free weekends between March and October. Note to Brussels: Russia will again host European championship racing, Turkey NOT !

AND MORE !!! Five days later Valkenswaard is now on March 18 and Red Sand back on the 25th !

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