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France's Three Musketeers - Romain Febvre, Gautier Paulin and Marvin Musquin - did it and defended their Nations title on home turf at Ernee ... but they only did it by the skin of their teeth. The USA led all day in dramatic fashion, but disastrous starts in the decider left Justin Barcia and Cooper Webb 11th & 14th while Febvre soon took the lead and Paulin kerpt his end up in the top six. Bam Bam got through to third, but it was France by two.

FULL HOUSE | 27.09.2015

Already a full house on Saturday at Ernee to see the Frenchies clean up. It's pot luck to even get a line on the cellphone with 20,000 logged in to one mast, and even the wifi is iffy with 250 wannabee jerks tossing 'emself off with a press pass, but here's a Saturday gallery to keep the folks at home entertained. Click Now, don't you wish you were here, even if all that's left for Shaun and Deano is individual glory.

.... broken shoulder blade for Max Anstie | 26.09.2015

Britain are looking at 20th place in the Nations tomorrow after Max Anstie broke his shoulder blade when Pascal Rauchenecker, unable to avoid the Brit, jumped on his back as Max tried to bump start his KX250F downhill after stalling in a hilltop turn. Initial fears of a broken arm too were dismissed at the local hospital, but the Brit was almost lucky not to suffer more in a truly horrific incident. Already in the MXGP qualifier Shaun Simpson had lost third on the final lap when an errant Czech lapper jumped across him and the Scot went for a check on his left hand after wobbling home 12th, while Dean Wilson ensured the two Scots made the main programme with a 5th in the Open class: "I nearly got jumped on too. But at least we're still in the race. We can't win the Nations, but Shaun and me can go for individual gold in our classes." Ireland made the main event in 15th despite a first lap shock when Martin Barr went down, and France won all three motos, making the US and Belgium look sick. The crowd went wild, surprise, surprise !


Thirty-six teams go into the hat for the Nations qualification start-pick draw at Ernee at 9am, just one nominated threesome missing - Iran ! The homeland of the Mullahs was a late entry, as was Israel, and the dual nominations could have created a sensation if both teams had arrived as athletes from the two nations have not faced up to each other in sport competition this Millennium; when drawn against each other at the Olympics, Iranian athletes have been reported "injured" or "sick" overnight. The jovial Israeli trio, all raw amateurs, eventually turned up late Friday afternoon to race Huskys out of an e-z-up adjacent to the JM factory camp. MX2 rider Ariel Dadia, a tender 30 years old, admitted: "We don't have many races back home; motocross is illegal."

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