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MXGP-TV 2014
CACTUS LAND | 15.09.2014

Greg Atkins and the local crew removed most of the cactuses within crashing distance of the track in ther Parco Metropolitano but we managed to fit one of them in frame as Dylan Ferrandis leapt past. For more images from the final GP of the year click

.... Tixier defeats Herlings in the Mexican desert
 | 14.09.2014

It was the title decider of all time ! After seeing his points advantage slashed to just five points after race one Jeffrey Herlings could have been forgiven for waving the white flag, but when the defending champion saw Jordi Tixier getting back off the ground from a first lap mid-air collision with Aleksandr Tonkov, the Bullit saw red, forgot his seven week old broken thigh and passed four riders in a lap to secure 7th, with Tixier just one ahead. And he defied medical science to stay there for 30 minutes - right up until Tixier finally annexed the third place he needed for the title with an equally stunning ride. Hail King Jordi, but respect for the toppled monarch !

A WALK IN THE PARQUE | 13.09.2014

Competitors in the Mexican GP were presented to the Leon public today with local dignitaries including the mayor and the governeur of Guanajuato province before parading the town in 4WD pickup trucks and ending the public awareness promotion with an autograph session in a shopping centre. Latinos know how to get the message across that world MX is in town ! Incidentally, after a thorough examination by Yamaha's doctor in Leon, Jeremy Van Horebeek will start on Sunday.

... to the showdown in Leon ! | 10.09.2014

Even mechanic Rami Fält was awaiting the call from Jeffrey Herlings to say he was on his way to Mexico this weekend, but 20 minutes ago the Dutch still teenager - he'll be 20 on Friday - had not been given medical clearance. So Leon on Sunday will now be the showdown everyone has been waiting for between the Bullit and Jordi Tixier. Leading by 23 points, the defending champion needs 27 points - a 7th and an 8th - if the Frenchie wins both motos, less depending on the result. Only Herlings can wrap it in moto one - he needs to head his rival across the line by one place in the top four, by two places if lower-placed. Let's go !

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