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Loket was a lock-out for Yamaha with Romain Febvre (MXGP), Valentin Guillod (MX2), Nancy van de Ven (WMX) and Brad Anderson (EM300) taking the wins. Click to go to the Gallery and get a taste of the slippery action

CLASS ACT | 26.07.2015

Romain Febvre is simply in a class of his own at present. Two more overwhelming victories at Loket have taken the MXGP rookie 81 clear of Gautier Paulin with Evgeny Bobryshev, effectively third, now 108 back. Mac Anstie was on a mission in MX2 again until he crashed out of the moto 2 lead, having already dominated the opener: "My hand came off the bars. I was too winded to carry on and the bike was bent, but it's still on. We've got three sand GPs coming up !" Max is still 7th in points, 62 off effective joint points leaders Tim Gajser & Valentin Guillod.


Kiara Fontanesi sensationally clinched her fourth WMX world title at Loket this morning. It all seemed over yesterday evening as two crashes restricted the Italian to a first moto third and doubled Livia Lancelot's series lead to four, but the French girl was in tears this morning. Her race bike played up on the sighting lap and attempts to go to the gate with her spare were quite correctly thwarted by FIM officials; a change of bike after the sighting lap is specifically prohibited by the rules and Livia was turned around at the gate. A nervous Fontanesi rasn third for most of the moto before a late pass on Amandine Verstappen to follow home two moto winner Nancy van de Ven for the title.


Ufo presented the revolutionary Recon E-AHL boot in Maggiora. The design is the result of a seven year development programme by ex-GP rider Alberto Barozzi, who secured the patent two years ago. "I first realised the need for more advanced protection when I lay in hospital with a broken left ankle and a torn achilles tendon in my right ankle," explained Barozzi. "Traditional boot design does not offer sufficient protection against all types of injury, but the AHL (ankle, hypertension, limit) exoskeleton not only offers increased protection against twisting the ankle, it controls both dorsal and plantar foot flexion, ensures compartment defence for the tibia and offers new levels of comfort."

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