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MATTERLEY NATIONS 2017 | 28.09.2016

The Nations is back in Britain next year ! Less than a day after YS cancelled their contract with Glen Helen, Matterley Basin, where YS is joint promotor with Steve Dixon, has been named as replacement for the 2017 Nations, planned on the most recent provisional calendar for the weekend of September 30/October 1. Glen Helen was dropped after dismal crowds and lack of promotion at the GPs, but there are no such concerns for a Nations in Britain, where massive crowds attended Foxhills in 1998, Matterley in 2006 and Donington in 2008. Matterley was already pencilled in for 2019, and an alternative for the USA is being sought for that year. 2018 is at Assen, 2020 in France and 2021 Maggiora; the biggest race of the year must go to sure-fire success venues !

MAGNIFIQUE | 27.09.2016

That Matterley concussion cost Romain Febvre even a medal in this year's MXGP world series, but "Le Petit Prince" is still the best ! The Yamaha leader goes into the annals of MX history alongside Jeff Stanton as the guy who saved his country's ass yet again. His double win at Ernee 12 months ago was enthtralling, but the spirit and class he showed at Maggiora as he single-handedly dragged France from third to first in the final lap and a half was amazing. Salute the 21st century Napoleon; you need troops for team victory, but you also need a ruthless leader !

DREAM TEAM | 24.09.2016

The mythology of Maggiora hangs on the 1986 whitewash by the US "Dreamteam" of Johnny "O Show" O'Mara, David "Little Professor" Bailey and Rick "Too Hip" Johnson, and the trio reunited in Italy this weekend, 30 years on from that famous day. But how about a shout for Paolo Schneider and Stefano Avandero, the two guys who grew up drooling over videos of that 1986 race and have resurrected their own dream by revitalising the waste land they found ten years ago into the Maggiora Park the world is savouring this weekend. Heroes all !

HOT PROSPECT | 04.08.2016

Scott have released their new Prospect goggles; the new range features a host of new innovations with no compromise on quality. The first claim of the Swiss-based firm is the largest field of vision on the market and a new four pin locking system, together with a 25% increase in lens thickness to improve stiffness and combat situations when lenses can pop out. Comfort is also high on the agenda with the use of thermofoam to absorb sweat while as softer material is used on the nose. Scroll down to learn more.

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