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Jordi Tixier wil sit out the GPs in Asia after needing a second operation on the wrist he broke last August at Mantova: "Of course it's a big disappointment but there was no other solution as the most recent examination revealed that my wrist had still some damage after the surgery of last summer. Professor Mathoulin didn't want me to race with infiltration as it could have dramatic consequences so I had no real choice. Fortunately he didn't have to put any screws or spindle in my wrist, he just repaired the ligament and worked on some bones; I've a light plaster for one week, then I will visit him again for a check up and I will follow his advice. It's just a shame that it came so late; I had some pain when riding the bike but all the doctors told me that it was just normal after such an injury. I want to thanks the team and all our sponsors, as nobody put pressure on me, and I can't wait to be back racing as the bike is fantastic and the team so professional. It's a tough period for me, but I will be back stronger as soon as I will be fit again."


Alfie Smith and Alex Snow have confirmed that they will contest the first two overseas GPs and all world rounds in Europe for Riccardo Boschi's JK Yamaha outfit. "I took a wild card for Ric at Mantova last year and that clinched the deal," explained Alfie. "I've never raced MX2 before, and this is my last chance as I'm 23 next month." For 27 year old Alex it will be his first full GP campaign: "I've only ever done the occasional GP in the past and I wanted to give it a go. Hopefully we can score points in Qatar and Thailand and do the other overseas races too."

HONOURS SHARED | 31.01.2016

Honours were shared round in the European outdoor opener today at Alghero. Evgeny Bobryshev took the Elite final for Honda, Romain Febvre won MX1 for Yamaha, Jeffrey Herlings topped MX2 for KTM and Max Anstie went 3-2 in class for Husqvarna. Racing was fast and furious all day, but there were several lucky escapes as a full day's racing on a track which had never previously hosted top level sport. With no-one else of the first four in the Elite final due to contest all three rounds of the 80 grand Italian series Jeremy Van Horebeek looks to be on a winner !

FULL HOUSE | 27.09.2015

Already a full house on Saturday at Ernee to see the Frenchies clean up. It's pot luck to even get a line on the cellphone with 20,000 logged in to one mast, and even the wifi is iffy with 250 wannabee jerks tossing 'emself off with a press pass, but here's a Saturday gallery to keep the folks at home entertained. Click Now, don't you wish you were here, even if all that's left for Shaun and Deano is individual glory.

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