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CLASH OF THE TITANS | 24.02.2015

Just three days from now the two giants of the modern game will take to the track together for this first time other than in the Motocross des Nations in what is truly the "Clash of the Titans". Others such as Jeremy Van Horebeek, Clement Desalle, Gautier Paulin, Max Nagl, Tommy Searle, Shaun Simpson may still grab the limelight in 2015, but the hype is all about the confrontation in MXGP of eight times world champion Toni Cairoli and ten times AMA champion Ryan Villopoto. Each has an astounding career and has won more than half of their starts in championship racing through the last five years. Scroll down the page to get the bare facts as TC#222 and RV2 head for the opening GP in Qatar, the first of 18 pulsating rounds between now and September. Time to get excited ... even before we head for Thailand on Sunday :D


Jake Nicholls is out of action for the next two months after fracturing his right forearm in two places just above the wrist during qualification at Lacapelle Marival in central France yesterday. Six screws were inserted yesterday afternoon at the local hospital to hold the bones in place and the initial prognosis for recovery time is "six to eight weeks".


The anticipation over the forthcoming MXGP season is vast, and right at the sharp end with increased involvement in 2015 is Ufo Plast. The Toscana-based clothing and plastics giant really made its mark last year with MXGP runner-up Jeremy Van Horebeek and WMX champ Kiara Fontanesi in their stylish gear and for 2015 Clement Desalle, Romain Febvre and David Philippaerts have been added to the crew, while Ufo also step up with an expanded trackside presence. Click on the banner at the head of this page to check out the Ufo range of high quality products.

2015 STARTS HERE | 04.02.2015

2015 took off in style at Riola Sardo at the weekend with three great races and ever-changing weather from sushine and hail to windy bleakness and rain. Get a taste of the action down in Spaghetti-land @

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