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What would you have paid to get a photo with Shaun and Max this weekend after they rocked the world at Lommel ? Even a US spectator who had flown in for the weekend got in on the act :D

Four British winners @ Lommel | 02.08.2015

Lommel, the toughest GP of the year, and Britain walked away with FOUR double winners.
Salute the brave British heroes - Max Anstie (MX2), Brad Anderson (EM300), Jack Bintcliffe (EM150) andShaun Simpson (MX1) - who created one of those weekends that UK fans wil remember for ever. Thanks, boys !

BRITS RULE | 02.08.2015

Lommel was a field day for Britain with victories all the way down the line for Shaun Simpson, Max Anstie, Brad Anderson and Jack Bincliffe, plus holeshot and podium for Adam Sterry. Just look at the determination in every line of little Jack's body as he carves out a 150 holeshot through sheer determination. For more of the action from hell click

Britain wins FOUR out of five in Lommel | 01.08.2015

Brits sensationally raced to four winds out of five today at Lommel ! Brad Anderson swept the 300 from out of nowhere, Jack Bintcliffe devastated the other kids in the 150s, Max Anstie led MX2 all the way and Shaun Simpson, the sole rider leaping the big quad but outrageously fast through the sandy bumps, swept from outside the top ten to pass all the other big names in MXGP. A typically shocking first lap cost Conrad Mewse the honours in the Euro 125s, but he too was on it from 31st to fifth. Britain ... kings of sand !!!

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