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FAREWELL ? | 20.04.2014

This weekend's GP at Sevlievo could have been the last, so click to see what the world might be missing in years to come.


Jeffrey Herlings and Toni Cairoli dug deeper than their rivals to come away with the victories after one race in the dry and one in the wet at Sevlievo. Highlights of the day were the duels between Herlings and (still) red plate holder Arnaud Tonus; the Swiss Kawasaki ace was faster for most of race one, but the Dutch teenager never gives up and found the speed he needed to pressure Tonus into a mistake in race one before holding him off throughout race two. Gautier Paulin won the dry MX1 opener, but Cairoli hit back in muddy race two for the moto and overall win.


What a f*** up ! Ben Watson, winner of the EMX2 opener on Saturday, staged a stunning recovery after getting pushed out at turn one - "I took the same central gate as yesterday, but the inside had dried out overnight and they pushed us out today" - to snatch 9th from Calvin Vlaanderen on the last lap. The pass took him into a two-way tie for top points over the weekend with Jorge Zaragoza. The Spanird quite rightly got the overall win on "best second race", but Eddy Herd of the FIM Europe MX Commission also handed the Kawasaki rider the red plate. The Spaniard got 37 points from 6-2 motos, while Ben went 1-9 for 37 ... and the tie decider in the championship is "most wins" - elementary, really !

STROKER JOY | 18.04.2014

The 300cc European two-stroke series gets off to a low-key start this weekend, but with UK participation ! A total of 40 riders have registered for the series but only 14 of them are entered for Sevlievo. Amongst them however is Lewis Gregory on the 297 Yamaha he races at the Maxxis. Getting the boy - a young-looking 28 :D - there was real GL12 teamwork as Bob Buchanan continued on my Arco with the bikes while Lewis flew in this afternoon. And you learn something every day; for those who don't know all members of the GL12 crew share that Gloucestershire postcode ! Clever, huh ?

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