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MXGP-TV 2014
in Villa La Angostura
 | 28.03.2015

A fabulous track and organisation, and thrills all the way. Adam Sterry pulled a massive holeshot on his GP qualification debut before going down at turn two, but the lead was already gone as Thomas Covington dived underneath the Brit and Jeffrey Herlings, out of nowhere - look where he is at turn one !!!!! - punted the American to one side to storm away for a 22 second win over teammate Pauls Jonass. Max Anstie was 7th, Sterry 18th and Ben Watson a non-starter after hearing noises on the way to the gate. Toni Cairoli put his stamp on MXGP; the champion knew he needed to make a pass stick quickly on the 450 of holeshot king Max Nagl at the horsepower course but had to stay focused for a narrow win as Ryan Villopoto surged into his wheeltracks. Shaun Simpson got 10th ahead of Nathan Watson. "This is how motocross should be", declared Dave Nicoll, and no-one was going to argue !

ARGENTINE BAR-B-Q | 27.03.2015

The GP travellers get down to the serious stuff over the weekend as the fabulous circuit at Villa La Angostura hosts the third round of the MXGP world series, but Friday was a day for chilling out after the 30 hour trip from Europe and the locals organised a typical Argentine barbecue with local delicacies and a lamb roasted over the spit. The GP is already an oustanding success with pre-event ticket sales approaching 10,000, campers and bikers with tents rolling up the valley and not a bed to be found within 50 miles. Head of the organising committee is the local mayor, an ex-Argentine Prime Minister.


They call Villa La Angostura the Argentinien Switzerland, and, with a glorious Andes backdrop, crystal clear blue lakes, an economy which revolves around tourism summer and winter, fine chocolate and tasty cheeses who can argue ? Although the venue is well off the beaten track, interest in South America is vast, and an enormous crowd is expected on Sunday. But first let's get over the 30 hour trip from Western Europe :D

HOT ACTION | 11.03.2015

It was hot in Thailand - 41 degrees - and the action from the stars of world MX was equally hot. An artificial track in a flat arena is not the best scenario for stunning action, but, just to prove that there are alternatives to the blue sky or dirt only background that some nerds think class as photos, click to get a taste for the action from Nakhonchaisri. By the way, sorry for the delay in posting, but there were compatiability issues for data transfer from the race track which meant waiting till I got home.

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