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NANNY STATE | 04.07.2015

The UK nanny state, fronted by overzealous doctors and jobsworth insurers, struck in Sweden today when the ACU withdrew permission for Charlie Hamlet to contest EMX2 qualification after being knocked out last weekend at the Blaxhall Maxxis. "It would have been nice if they'd let us know before the early hours of Thursday morning," fumed Charlie's dad Andy. "When do they think you set off to get to Sweden on a Friday ?" While one can understand the concern for the welfare of the competitors, a 12 day blanket riding ban would appear to way over the top, particularly as Hamlet was never examined by the event CMO, and an ACU official in Sweden did admit that there is no precise ruling on the duration of a "Med Stop" but back in the day a 24 hour time-out was considered sufficient. Charlie was examined and given the all-clear at Uddevalla by both the Chief Medical Officer and the Italian federation doctor, but the Brit was still precluded from competing as the necessary ACU paperwork had been withdrawn and all attempts to have that decision rescinded came to nought as Rugby office staff had gone home for the weekend.

SPLIT STEVES | 04.07.2015

Just four days after coming within a lap of winning the Blaxhall Maxxis Steven Frossard and Steve Turner's Wilvo Forkrent KTM team have gone their separate ways. Steve Turner commented: "Despite repeated attempts to find solutions I felt that there was no possibility to continue and the decision was mutual." The results posted by Frossard, who started the season on an SX350F at his own request, did not improve when he switched to a 450, and the final straw came at Blaxhall when he inexcusably surrendered a 13 second lead in the last three laps to Shaun Simpson to lose the overall. Frossard was on site at Uddevalla but did not ride; he is expected to race for KRT in Latvia.


Ufo presented the revolutionary Recon E-AHL boot in Maggiora. The design is the result of a seven year development programme by ex-GP rider Alberto Barozzi, who secured the patent two years ago. "I first realised the need for more advanced protection when I lay in hospital with a broken left ankle and a torn achilles tendon in my right ankle," explained Barozzi. "Traditional boot design does not offer sufficient protection against all types of injury, but the AHL (ankle, hypertension, limit) exoskeleton not only offers increased protection against twisting the ankle, it controls both dorsal and plantar foot flexion, ensures compartment defence for the tibia and offers new levels of comfort."

BALLS OUT | 22.06.2015

The Talkessel in Teutschenthal is a balls-out track which doesn't forgive mistakes, and mistakes happen at those speeds when grip is at a minimum. Check out the gallery @

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