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ST PADDY'S WEEKEND | 16.03.2018

So who's brave enough to bet against Roger Magee's Hitachi KTM team ... and in particular Graeme Irwin ... this weekend at Valkenswaard. The boy from Ballymena might find The Bullet a tad too fast around the Eurocircuit, but if the leprechauns get to work, anything is possible. Tomorrow's St Paddy's Day .... though of course every self-respecting leprechaun might be plastered on Sunday after an evening on the party mile at the Markt, so let's get quali sorted first. Go, Graeme, go ! :D

BENNY BOY | 05.03.2018

OK, the Bullet and TC#222 were UNREAL and the rest can order the voodoo dolls and the pins, but let's hear it for Ben Watson. The lad from Nott'num grew into a man this weekend in Argentina to miss the podium by a point. But even more important was the way he did it, and if the pussys hadn't got the waves capped, Ben would have taken that trophy home - just look at that body language on Saturday ! And he knows he can do it now - "I'm surprised with myself and it's given me a shock ... but it's a nice shock ! The people around me all believe in me and are giving me everything I need to do the job." Yes, U can !

JUST TWO DAYS TO GO | 01.03.2018

The crates have arrived and the first bikes have already been unpacked, including the factory Huskys, Livi's 114 Hondas for Hunter Lawrence and Bas Vaasen, the factory TMs and the F&H Kawasakis for Adam Sterry and Jed Beaton. And there's even a shock appearance as Petar Petrov has shrugged off his recently broken collarbone: "I've ridden four times now; it's not perfect but I'm here to try." So Honda does at least have a presence in MXGP with the Bulgarian and Red Moto teammate "AJ" Arminas Jasikonis.


Word from HRC - Tim Gajser was injured today following a crash during the MX1 race of the "Internazionali d'Italia" final round in Mantova. After a first assessment of his condition locally, the 21-year-old Slovenian rider was transported to the nearby Carlo Poma hospital to perform a series of evaluations and scans, which gave a clearer picture of his condition. Gajser was conscious, he interacted with the medical staff and showed full body movement; results from MRI scans to head and cervical spine were clear. Gajser is currently undergoing a surgical operation to repair two fractures in his jaw bone. More updates will follow through HRC as soon as more information becomes available, but it's been a bad year so far for HRC - not yet the end of February and all they have left are Calvin Vlaanderen and Cole Seely.

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