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Two world titles are on the line on Saturday in Charlotte, but much more than that as a host of AMA stars line up against the world's best with bragging rights on the line. Top bill must surely be Jeffrey Herlings versus Cooper Webb, a local resident in North Carolina, the champions from both sides of the Atlantic each desperate to win this one. After moving closer to the title at Assen Herlings admitted: "I've got a championship to lose, he's got nothing. But I think we're both the same character .... and when I pull my helmet on ....."

EIGHT YEARS ON | 28.08.2016

Eight years on from winning the first-ever WMX world title in 2008 Livia Lancelot finally struck gold again in Assen. Nervous as hell, but with a 27 point pre-race lead, Livi was handed the opportunity to tie it up one moto early when Nancy van de Ven went down at the start of the Saturday race, and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Whilst Courtney Duncan and Kiara Fontanesi cleared off into the distance, van de Ven got back onto the French girl's rear wheel with a couple of laps to go but her take-out attempt backfired and Livi was home and dry. Felicitation !


Jeffrey Herlings goes to the gate 33rd tomorrow, but the MX2 world leader lives to fight another day. Quickly second in the qualification race the Bullit, despite fervent attempts, simply couldn't get around KTM teammate Jorge Prado for the lead and after seven laps disappeared from the scene; fears that he had put himself back on the injured list were quickly dispelled as mechanic Wayne Banks fitted a new motor for race day after a terminal failure. Herlings ewas not hurt. Title rival Jeremy Seewer finished fifth.

HOT PROSPECT | 04.08.2016

Scott have released their new Prospect goggles; the new range features a host of new innovations with no compromise on quality. The first claim of the Swiss-based firm is the largest field of vision on the market and a new four pin locking system, together with a 25% increase in lens thickness to improve stiffness and combat situations when lenses can pop out. Comfort is also high on the agenda with the use of thermofoam to absorb sweat while as softer material is used on the nose. Scroll down to learn more.

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